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It seems obvious that getting more customers paying a higher price will have a positive impact on your business performance but things are never that simple. Properly understanding your customers, how and where they want to buy from you and at what price is the key to improving your revenue.

Once you’ve clearly identified your customers you should spend time writing a marketing plan to help you think about how you will reach your target market. In order to sell your product or service you need to consider which route to market will be the best for your business. You might, for example, sell directly, online or through a wholesaler or you might need a combination of these. Each route will have different costs and practical implications that you will need to build into your marketing plan.

Perhaps most of all you should remember that every time you or any of your employees speak to someone outside of your company about your business you are involved in marketing – what a great opportunity!

Download our guide to Marketing and Communication Tools here.

Guide to Marketing and communication tools

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