Jersey is a small market so if you have ambitions to grow you need to think about selling your products or services outside Jersey.

You might decide that you need to target overseas markets in your business development strategy. This is an exciting opportunity but also one that requires research and planning.

Firstly you need to undertake research to identify a market suitable for your brand and product and then you need to develop a sound understanding of the customer in that market as their likes and dislikes might differ from your existing customer.

It is a good idea to plan for exporting by visiting the market you want to work in. You can then decide how to offer your services or distribute your products into the marketing taking account of the regulations associated with that particularly territory. You might decide to set up your own operation in the new market or sometimes it is necessary to work with a local company. You need to choose your international partners with care and in many markets getting to know local contacts requires many visits and meetings. Do not underestimate the time it can take to get established in a new market.

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We are so lucky to have a set-up like Jersey Business in the Island. It needs to be looked after and invested in.

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