Business Improvement Programme – ROK Construction


ROK Construction is a dynamic and fast-growing business that has the ability to build across the island anything from £20k to £30million projects.

Business Improvement Project

Graham Bolton (Structures Director – ROK Regal) and Kevan Nelson (Commercial Director – ROK Construct) participated in the Business Improvement Programme to gain a better understanding of Lean Management in order to develop a Lean culture within the organisation.

The delegates demonstrated where inefficiency was inherent in various processes across a complex series of activities. They highlighted significant problems, for example:

The team utilised the Kotter’s Change Model to identify where short-term gains could be achieved.  They highlighted evidence of waste (MUDA), inconsistent processing (MURA) and unreasonable behaviours (MURI).

During the project, they aligned the Lean tools to the development of new ISO 9000 procedures.  They provided evidence of how good management control played a significant role in cost avoidance which is crucial to the business.

Improvements made: 

The team have challenged site contractors to reduce waste during 2019 by 10% which could realise a figure of £50-£60k across the group.  They have also implemented a more structured approach to project management with regular management reviews and have carried out strategic mapping to align responsibilities to the implementation of key ISO 9000 standards.

Project benefits:


Graham and I enjoyed the experience. Brian was great and it was beneficial to have a mix of companies involved. The course has served to broaden our minds and alter the mind-set, hopefully we can disseminate the lean culture to the wider group. Thank you Jersey Business and Accelerate.

Kevan Nelson – ROK

The aim of the business improvement programme is to support established organisations to become more efficient and to deliver sustainable growth that will create market competitiveness and a solid operational platform for the future. It is managed by Jersey Business, funded by the Government of Jersey and delivered by Accelerate.

If you would like to get involved in a future programme contact us at [email protected]


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