6 step start up journey

Congratulations! You’re thinking of starting a business in Jersey which is the first step in turning a good idea into a commercial opportunity.

Your 6 step Start-Up Journey

Setting up a business in Jersey is both exciting and daunting but careful research and planning will give you a clear idea of how successful your new venture is likely to be. Follow these 6, easy to navigate, steps to maximise your success when starting up your business.

Jersey Business Start Up Journey infographic


1. Have the idea
  • Write down your idea so you can explain it to others.
  • Think about your motivation for starting a business and what success will look like for you.
  • Be realistic about whether you have the time and skills to deliver your idea.
  • Consider who will buy your product or service and why they would buy it from you.
Download Step 1. The Idea
2. Check the feasibility of your idea
  • Will this be your main income or is it just a hobby? Do a personal budget so you know how much income you need from it.
  • Create a picture/plan of who your customers are, how your business will operate, potential costs and income streams. Our online course Build Your Business will help you work this all out.  
  • Get feedback on your idea from people who have relevant experience and can give you a variety of views.
  • Decide if your idea could succeed as a profitable business and if yes, push ahead.

Download Step 2. Feasibility
3. Plan it properly
  • Develop a plan to put your idea into practice, thinking about what you need to do and in what order. 
  • Research your market and potential customers and decide how you will sell your product or service to them.  You can use our guide to conducting market research to help you. 
  • Think about the practicalities of how you will operate – how, when, where and what you will need.  
  • Create a realistic financial forecast so you know what your income will be and how much it will cost you to operate.  
  • If you need money to start your business, go out and start pitching for it now.  There is some useful information on potential sources of investment on the Accessing Finance section of our website.
Download Step 3. Planning
4. Get the formalities in place

Here is a Start-up checklist for everything you need to consider when starting out on your business journey.


Download Step 4. Formalities
5. Start trading!
  • Think about how will you launch your business.
  • Make sure that your systems and processes are in place so you can invoice clients or take payments from day one.
  • When you have everything in place just get going!
Download Step 5. Launch
6. Ongoing support

Keep in touch with Jersey Business so you can continue to get free, independent and confidential business advice.

Download Step 6. Support

What next!

Download the complete guide to your 6 Step Start Up Journey and we’ll guide you through everything you need to know when starting a business

Download our 6 step start up journey

Other useful sources of information.

LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST: Tim Bullock from Channel Eye Media and Nick Steel Head of Industry Development at Jersey Business talk about building a successful start-up. They discuss everything from planning to launching, offering brilliant pieces of advice along the way.

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