Setting up in Jersey as a Non-Resident

Non-resident requirements

Jersey is a self-governing dependency of the British Crown. It is not part of the UK and has independent control over its internal government, legislation and taxation. The Companies (Jersey) Law 1991 regulates the formation and administration of private companies in Jersey. It provides for several company structures all of which have different benefits and potential uses from commercial trading to joint ventures or investment holding vehicles.

If you are not a resident in Jersey, an important factor in deciding where to locate your company and which type of structure to use, will be the tax and regulatory implications of setting up on the island. As a result, it is essential that you get professional legal and tax advice in order to make a well-informed decision about the most appropriate structure for your individual circumstances.

Jersey has a range of legal practices with extensive experience of structuring non-resident companies and this is not an area where we provide specialist advice.

You can find out about these service providers through the Law Society of Jersey or on our Local Service Providers page and we highly recommend that you speak to a specialist in corporate law before undertaking the process of incorporation.

To get an overview of the actual paperwork involved in the process of incorporation go to our page on Setting up a Limited Company in Jersey. Should you wish to establish a physical presence in and operate from Jersey you will require a business licence to do so, we recommend you speak to our colleagues at Locate Jersey on 01534 440604, [email protected] or

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