Leading Growth Programme

What is the Leading Growth Programme?

The ‘Leading Growth’ programme is for business owners and senior leaders who want to accelerate their business through the next phase of growth. A blended programme usually consisting of four face-to-face one-day workshops top and tailed with a launch event and a final 90-minute masterclass titled Maintaining Momentum. The programme will run over a 12 month period with the group sessions in the first 6 months and a prerequisite for enrollment is that you can commit to the dates.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 4 face-to-face full day workshops will be split into 8 morning sessions. In between these sessions there will be a series of blended tools including; webinars, zoom sessions, white papers and online tools for you to use.

This is a fast-paced, tailored programme which will enable you with the mindset, skillset and toolset to deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable growth. It is being run in partnership with Pathways Global and facilitated by inspiration speaker and business leader, Royston Guest. Pathways Global is based in Jersey and specialises in growing businesses through people – hence the title for the programme; ‘Leading Growth’.

Why now?

The start of the programme has been deliberately timed to bridge with two key milestones;

  1. First, the opening up of restrictions from COVID-19 and the need for businesses to plan what their REBOUND plan looks like and…
  2. If your financial year-end aligns with the calendar year-end, then it will allow you to really hone in on your growth plans to rebound in 2020 and shape your growth plans for 2021, and beyond.

The Leading Growth Programme will help you create laser-beam focus on WHAT you want to achieve and HOW you are going to deliver it!

What will you have by the end of the programme?
  • A three-year business growth plan for your business titled; ‘Leading Growth’.
  • A personalised business dashboard of performance metrics so you can keep score and measure success.
  • A Built to Grow toolkit.  Included with Royston Guest’s best-selling book Built to Grow, you will be provided with a number of resources and tools which are referenced to support you with the implementation and personalisation in your business 1. Strategic plan template. 2. Interactive sales map. 3. Employee value proposition. 4 Funding options report.
  • A Leadership toolkit.  Included with Royston Guest’s best-selling book Rise, you’ll be provided with a number of resources and tools which are referenced to support you with the implementation and personalisation in your business 1. Leadership brands tracker. 2. Questionnaire for accessing key learning styles. 3. Five Interlocking human drivers. 4 Motivational assessors. 5. Performance toolkit including performance conversations feedback and coaching.
  • A 12-month subscription to the Pathways platform and business growth pathway tool.  Use of the most comprehensive and advanced technology platform which provides you with everything you need to unlock your company’s full potential and unleash success for you and your business. Dynamic and data-led mentor style insights include a series of Growth Enablers, interactive 360-question insights tool and an In-depth reporting system with targeted actions. Over 270 resources, 140 hours of learning and 700 hours of learning & application. Check out www.Growthpathways.com

At the end of the Leading Growth programme you will be able to confidently say:

Programme Content

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the trainer may mix up content using points from different modules reacting to and focusing on a post Covid recovery plan for businesses.

MODULE 1 : I Lead self…….Purposeful Leadership

Being a great Leader of others starts with being a great Leader of self and mastering the inner game of Leadership.  Succinctly, being able to articulate the answer to questions like : Why should anyone be led by YOU?

In this Module you’ll discover:

  • What is Purposeful Leadership? Do people follow you because they want to or because they have to?
  • Why Success is not an Accident! The 5 secrets of success; defining what success means to you, creating your success formula, fast tracking success through a principle called success modelling, developing your success disciplines and finally…embedding success habits.
  • The power of Leadership brand – What does your Leadership brand say about you and perhaps most importantly…what do you want it to say?
  • Busy vs. productive – Are you focused on being busy or productive? To include a number of practical, real world ideas including; the importance of balcony time, conscious intent in designing your high performance weeks, learning to say NO more often, why language creates meaning and the importance of preview/review sessions.
  • Being MY own performance coach – The day you stop learning is the day you stop earning! The growth versus fixed mindset quandary.
  • Raising the bar! – where are you setting your bar currently, both personally and professionally?
MODULE 2 : I lead the business (Part 1)

Developing a clear understanding of the growth levers and HOW as a commercially savvy Leader you can build high performing teams, a customer outcome focused organisation and lead a strategic business and cultural change agenda.

To include:

  • Are you thinking like a day 1 business? Why post COVID will not be about a reboot or back to where we were before, but a fundamental reset and forward to a new place. You’ve got to be around for the re bound! The question is; what does the rebound look like and feel like for your business?
  • The three questions every Business Leader needs to be asking right now as part of a ‘reset’; How relevant are you and your business? How agile are you? And…how resilient?
  • Creating your rebound plan on a page – What does your rebound plan look like for the next 12 months? What should and more importantly…shouldn’t be in your rebound plan?
  • Creating your planning cycle – how to create the optimum rhythm to your business planning. What best practice period should you be planning over?
  • The 6 levers for growth – What are the 6 levers for growth and how are you currently working these in your business?
  • The fundamentals of business growth – Personalising an AMR strategy to your business; Acquisition, Maximisation and Retention?
MODULE 3 : I lead the business (Part 2)

Developing a clear understanding of the growth levers and HOW as a commercially savvy Leader you can build high performing teams, a customer outcome focused organisation and lead a strategic business and cultural change agenda.

  • Change…is it your friend or foe? Why if you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance even less!
  • The 7 guiding principles which underpin a Built to Grow business.
  • Your business growth framework – What are the 9 interlocking strategies which shape your business/strategic plan? – Assess your business against a series of growth enablers and benchmark precisely where you and your business are at on your growth journey; infancy, adolescence, the groove or maturity? Create your personalised blueprint to unlock the potential in your business.
  • Purpose/Mission/Vision/Strategic goals – What’s the definition of each? Why a compelling purpose is like infusing work with purpose and meaning? Do you have a compelling purpose/vision/mission for your business?
  • How high-performance teams WIN – what’s their recipe for success? Through a series of case studies you’ll discover the formula and personalise it to your business.
  • Business dashboard – Leaders who keep records break records. Why today’s Relevant, Purposeful Leaders are data driven and what are the measures that matter for accelerated, sustained and profitable growth?
MODULE 4 : I lead others

Great Leaders recognise that in order to achieve their business goals unlocking people potential is a critical success factor, through understanding what makes people tick, inspirational and developmental feedback, great performance conversations and coaching success.

  • Are you building a Leader Leader or Leader Follower culture in your business? – why for today’s relevant, agile and resilient business the focus is on growing Leaders at every level.
  • Why culture isn’t a thing…it’s everything! – What do great cultures look like, feel like and act like?
  • Why great Leaders lead people as they like to be led, not how you like to be led.
  • The 5 interlocking human drivers – how are people wired? What makes them tick? Through a greater understanding of self you’ll hone the Leadership skills to unlock potential and unleash success.
  • Communication is the impact it has – Why today is not just about a communications strategy, but an ‘over’ communications strategy focused on the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW.
About the Programme Coach and Facilitator

If you know anything about Royston Guest, if you have had any experience with him or his work, you know one thing above all else; he delivers.

His sessions, focusing on business growth and personal transformation, are a game changing, transformational experience and his energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Royston is dedicated to making a real tangible difference.

Known as a passionate results-driven person, Royston challenges the status quo and inspires others to take action. His passion is to understand the human potential; helping business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs unlock their full potential and deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth.

Image of Royston Guest

Royston Guest

Who should attend?

The programme is for business owners and senior leaders only. You can either attend on your own (The Business Leader) or preferably attend with a senior leader/co director who will be working with you on the personalisation and implementation of the ideas, strategies and tools you’ll discover.

To make an application to participate in the Leading Growth Programme email [email protected]