Leading Growth Programme

What is the Leading Growth Programme?

In any leadership role, you face new challenges every day and wear many different hats in the workplace. The ‘Leading Growth’ programme is designed for business owners and senior leaders who want to rise above the day-to-day and focus on accelerating their business through the next phase of growth.

Former participants, Stewart Rowney, Matt Seymour and Pam Aubert share their experience of taking part in the Leading Growth Programme.

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The programme

The programme will run over a number of group sessions and has been designed to allow participants to complete the sessions alongside their work commitments. It consists of eight half-day morning face-to-face workshops, top and tailed with a launch event and a final 90-minute masterclass titled Maintaining Momentum.

The programme is built around a practical curriculum which features:

  • A taster session;
  • One hour online meet and greet session;
  • Eight high impact morning sessions;
  • One 90 minute Masterclass titled ‘Maintaining Momentum’ session;
  • Unlimited access to Royston and the Pathways team in between the sessions.
  • Peer networking opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with other business leaders, including lunch Q&A sessions with past attendees of the programme;
  • One-to-one support from the mentor, providing you with personalised support to develop your business growth plan;
  • A series of blended tools including; webinars, zoom sessions, white papers and online tools for you to use.
  • A 12 month subscription to the Business Growth Pathway platform with over 300 hours of learning and 150 tools available at your fingertips.

Whether you’re running your own business or you’re a senior leader in an organisation, the ‘Leading Growth’ programme gives you a forum to rise above the urgent and concentrate on what’s most critical: the difficult, strategic decisions that will drive your business forward. By the end of the programme you will develop a business growth plan to help you lead your business to unlock and realise its full potential.

The benefits

At the end of the Leading Growth programme you will be able to confidently say:

  • I lead myself: being a great leader starts with leading self and articulating a succinct answer to questions like; why anyone should be led by you?
  • I lead the business: understanding how, as a commercially savvy leader, you set the strategic business plan, understand the growth levers and all the moving parts which go into a rounded business growth strategy and how you shape a high performance culture in order to turn your vision into reality.
  • I lead others: unlocking people potential by identifying what makes individuals tick and how to develop great performance in others.
The facilitator

The programme runs in partnership with Pathways Global and is facilitated by inspiration speaker and business leader, Royston Guest. Pathways Global is based in Jersey and specialises in growing businesses through people – hence the title for the programme; ‘Leading Growth’.

If you know about Royston Guest, have had any experience with him or his work, you know one thing above all else; he delivers. His sessions, focusing on business growth and personal transformation, are a game changing, transformational experience and his energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Royston is dedicated to making a real tangible difference.

Image of Royston Guest


To join the ‘Leading Growth’ programme, the applicant must:

  • Be a decision maker and/or a member of the senior management team within the business, such as Chief Executive, Finance Director, Operations Director, Owner etc. You can either attend on your own or preferably attend with a senior leader/co-director who will be working with you on the personalisation and implementation of the ideas, strategies and tools you’ll discover.  The programme is not suitable for businesses operating with one individual.
  • Have been trading for more than 12 months
  • Commit to attending and completing all sessions.
Why now?

The start of the programme has been deliberately timed to bridge with two key milestones;

First, operating in a post-pandemic business world and the need for businesses to capitalise on opportunities and …

Second, it will allow you to really hone in on your growth plans for your fnancial year-end and shape your growth plans for the future.

The Leading Growth Programme will help you create laser-beam focus on WHAT you want to achieve and HOW you are going to deliver it!

What will you have by the end of the programme?
  • A three-year business growth plan for your business titled; ‘Leading Growth’.
  • A personalised business dashboard of performance metrics so you can keep score and measure success.
  • A Built to Grow toolkit.  Included with Royston Guest’s best-selling book Built to Grow, you will be provided with a number of resources and tools which are referenced to support you with the implementation and personalisation in your business 1. Strategic plan template. 2. Interactive sales map. 3. Employee value proposition. 4 Funding options report.
  • A Leadership toolkit.  Included with Royston Guest’s best-selling book Rise, you’ll be provided with a number of resources and tools which are referenced to support you with the implementation and personalisation in your business 1. Leadership brands tracker. 2. Questionnaire for accessing key learning styles. 3. Five Interlocking human drivers. 4 Motivational assessors. 5. Performance toolkit including performance conversations feedback and coaching.
  • A 12-month subscription to the Pathways platform and business growth pathway tool.  Use of the most comprehensive and advanced technology platform which provides you with everything you need to unlock your company’s full potential and unleash success for you and your business. Dynamic and data-led mentor style insights include a series of Growth Enablers, interactive 360-question insights tool and an In-depth reporting system with targeted actions. Over 270 resources, 140 hours of learning and 700 hours of learning & application. Check out Growthpathways.com
Programme content

MODULE 1 : I Lead self…….Purposeful Leadership

MODULE 2 : I lead the business (Part 1)

MODULE 3 : I lead the business (Part 2)

MODULE 4 : I lead others


Applications are now open for the next cohort for Winter 2024.


  • Delegate Meet & Greet
  • Half day workshops (delivered over a four month timeline)

If you are interested in learning more and applying for the Leading Growth Programme below.

How much does it cost?

Since places are heavily subsidised by the Government of Jersey your investment is £412.50 per delegate.  Usually the course investment would be £1500 per delegate.

Watch our video with Royston Guest, Programme Facilitator and Coach to learn more.

What participants say

“I’ve been to conferences all over the world but this programme is one of the best ones I’ve been on.” Trevor Griggs, Advisa Wealth

“I think in one way or another, we’re all going to be reflecting on our businesses right now and this course really guides you correctly through the process to do that.” Tim Crowley, La Mare Wine Estate

“For anyone required to lead their organisation’s growth, attending the Leading Growth Programme will be a valuable use of time. The format is excellent for providing structure to all the areas you need to consider for growth – from finance to HR, brand to culture. The opportunity to build relations with other Leaders on the course is an added bonus.” Sam Watts, Orchid

“The whole experience took me out of my comfort zone and challenged my views on how I act.  Made me understand how language is so important and words really matter.  It’s allowed me to progress the way I work with others and truly understand if it’s going to be it is down to me.” John Parker, MyMemory

“I found the programme really energising. Immediately I could see what our priorities should be and who should be responsible for managing each part of the vision and mission. The content felt very fresh, with great real-life examples and represented excellent value for money. I never felt like the day was wasted, every moment offered value.” Elaine Walsh, Family Nursing & Home Care


Listen to our podcast: We spoke to Sam Watts from Orchid Communications and Graeme Smith about leading through change. They discussed everything from what makes a great business leader through to developing the necessary skills, and how the leaders of tomorrow may look

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