Review & Renew The Jersey Business Podcast 

Welcome to Review and Renewthe Jersey Business Podcast 

Across the six-part series, we will discuss how businesses can do business better, how they can achieve their goals, and become more resilient. In each episode, we’ll be talking about one aspect of business today, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of local business leaders. 

A new episode will be released each week and our future episodes will focus on the Business Health Check, Brexit, innovating through change, building a successful start-up, and leading through change. 

You will be able to listen to the podcasts through our website, on the Channel 103 website and App, on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts. Just look out for Review and Renew, the Jersey Business Podcast 

We hope you enjoy listening to the podcasts and find the series informative and inspiring. 

Episode 6 Leading Through Change

We spoke to Sam Watts from Orchid Communications and Graeme Smith about leading through change. They discussed everything from what makes a great business leader through to developing the necessary skills, and how the leaders of tomorrow may lookListen to the conversation here:

Episode 5 Building A Successful Start Up

In this episode we spoke to Tim Bullock from Channel Eye Media and Nick Steel Head of Industry Development at Jersey Business about building a successful start-up. They discussed everything from planning to launching, offering brilliant pieces of advice along the way. Listen to the conversation here: 

Episode 4 Innovating Through Change

In this episode David Seymour of Seymour Hotels and our own Lorie Rault talk about innovating through changeWe considered how companies can adapt and change and shared our recent experiences of innovation and top tips. Listen to the conversation here:

Episode 3 Brexit-The next big opportunity

In this episode we are joined by Senator Ian Gorst, Jersey’s External Relations Minister and Alexia McClure, Chief Operating Officer at Jersey Business.  They discuss where  Jersey currently sits in terms of our trading relationship with Europe and the UK, the key new rules Jersey businesses need to understand and the opportunities for the Island and for local businesses.

Episode 2 Business Health Check

In this episode, we are going to find out more about giving your business a health check – an exercise to help you understand where your business is right now. Joining our host Allan Watts is Daphne East, Commercial & Operations Director for Easenmyne and Kenny Sillars Head of Business Advisory Services at Jersey Business.

Episode 1 Remote Working

Our host, Allan Watts is joined by Richard Plaster from Law at Work and David Bailey from RBC to discuss the all-important topic of remote working. Their conversation includes: the different terms in use, the role corporate culture has played in the transition, managing performance and productivity, and more. It’s certainly not a discussion to miss.

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