An Introduction to Jersey Commercial Property for Small Business

This guide is designed to help small business owners find the right solutions to their property needs.  Decisions about premises, buying, leasing, maintaining or extending, can be daunting for business entrepreneurs whose main energies are focused on making a success of the business itself. Finding the right solutions to your property needs and dealing effectively with the many issues that can occur while you are in occupation is integral to running a successful business.

This guide provides information to support you with the more common decisions and actions that you may need to take. Many of the topics included here can be highly complex and a guide such as this can only provide an outline of the key points. It is not a substitute for the depth of knowledge and experience that a professional surveyor – working with your lawyer and financial adviser – can provide.

It should, however, help you to understand when you need to call in the professionals. It should also give you the necessary background so that you know what to ask your professional adviser and understand more fully the information and advice that you are given.

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