Leading Growth Programme

07/12/2023 — 14/05/2024
08:30 – 13:00

If you’re…

✔ Looking to accelerate and future proof your business growth

✔ Tap into the leading edge strategies, ideas, tips and techniques to unlock the potential in your business

✔ Avoid costly trial & error which is costing Business Owners, Leaders thousands of pounds in hard cash and missed opportunities every day

✔ Discover the mindset, skillset and toolset of Purposeful Leaders who people follow because they want to…not because they have to!


The Leading Growth Programme is definitely for you.  By the end of the programme you will have:

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Image of Royston Guest
Royston Guest

If you know anything about Royston Guest, if you have had any experience with him or his work, you know one thing above all else; he delivers. His sessions, focusing on business growth and personal transformation, are a game changing, transformational experience and his energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Royston is passionate to make a real tangible difference:

• Author of #1 best seller business growth book, Built to Grow a proven time-tested model to unlock real business potential full of strategies, tools and ideas.
• Author of RISE, Start Living The Life You Were Meant To Lead a proven blueprint placing you firmly in the drivers seat of your life.
• CEO of Pathways Global Grow your business to its full potential. Dynamic, data lead, mentor style growth insights for your business.
• Founder of Pti Worldwide a Global Consultancy and People Development Business spanning over two decades, clients in 27 countries, helping tens of
thousands of businesses across a multitude of sectors, enterprises, and governments. Now a subsidiary of Pathways Global.
• Accomplished Business Strategists, Executive Coach and Facilitator with a proven track record for delivering business growth and personal transformation.
• Acclaimed Conference Speaker for more than 10 years, speaking at 110 events last year alone, inspiring over 30,000 people.
• Active Business Growth Blogger regularly featured in print, online and on radio including BBC Radio, The Guardian, Forbes, Mail Online, The Telegraph, fresh
business thinking.com, TV on BBC World New plus many more.

Known as a passionate results-driven person, Royston challenges the status quo and inspires others to take action. His passion is to understand the human potential; helping business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs unlock their full potential and deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth.