How big is your BUT?

09:00 – 12:30
Le Hocq Suite, Radisson BLU Hotel

I really want to, but… That would be great, but… I’d love to, but… I know I should, but… Yeah I know, but…

Designed for the time starved of today, this workshop highlights the powerful role and influence of limiting beliefs on our individual thoughts, words and actions. Giving you a crash course into what makes us tick and leaving you with tools and attitudes for the season ahead, so you can be yourself better. Ultimately, we are what we believe.

By attending this workshop, you can:

● Discover how beliefs are formed.

● Trace the power & impact of beliefs as well as limiting ones.

● Gain insight into how the mind works & regaining control.

● Build ownership of thoughts, words & actions.

● Shrink any imposter syndrome.

● Enhance self-worth.

● Develop resilience through stoic practices.

● Improve emotional literacy.

● Recognise backgrounds anxiety in self and your team.

● Cultivate excellence for bad stress as well as good.

● Leave with easy-to-use tools & techniques for rapid change.

If any of the above sounds familiar, this no-nonsense half day workshop could be for you.


Charles Taymour

Charles originates from a corporate background and has been a therapist and consultant since 2003. He's been training companies internationally, leading seminars and enabling private & executive clients to make constructive change with ease. His wellbeing approach is simple, pragmatic, and powerful. With an array of qualifications to help with anxiety, trauma & stress and a no-nonsense approach, Charles cuts through the noise and clutter of modern life to empower his clients with tools & strategies so they can thrive with confidence and resilience. He is also a law society accredited civil & commercial mediator, a former self-defence instructor and an avid cook and archer.

Random Fact: He was at high school with Angelina Jolie.