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Starting up Rosie Lempreire Video

A guide to starting up a business in Jersey


In this video Rosie Lemprière of Jersey Business discusses things to consider before starting up a business in Jersey Viability - Check that the business idea is viable and c…

Image JBL Advert Growth

Options for funding growth that will maximise the potential of your business

02/10/2017 — Nick Steel

Your business is either ahead or on plan but you know it has is much greater potential. However, you also know that to accelerate the growth of your business you will need addition…

Butterfly Training logo

Top 3 Tips on Customer Service

18/09/2017 — Becky Cook, Founder, Butterfly Training

The key to achieving these top 3 tips is effective communication. People need to know what they have to do and how to do it. Know your Customer Make sure everyone in your bus…

Dan Ireland, Our Sales Experience Video

8 Tips for making successful sales


In this video Dan Ireland shares his eight tips for successful sales. Make the customer your entire world- People buy from people After sales matter to build a long-term…

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To buy, to sell or to grow organically?

06/09/2017 — June Stead

When is the best time in your businesses growth-cycle to sell? Senior Business Advisor, June Stead gives real life examples and discusses whether to buy, to sell or grow.

Vikki Pennington Financial Records - Video

Good financial records part 1


In the first of three videos Vikki Pennington of Jersey Business discusses the importance of keeping good financial records Vikki answer the question of why is it important to kee…

Chris Clark Prosperity 24.7 - Video

The importance of employee engagement


In this video Chris Clark from Prosperity 24.7 discusses the importance of Employee Engagement In the video Chris shares his tips for engaging with your employees: Treat staf…

Retail Trade Show

Trade Show Tips for Retailers

01/08/2017 — Rosie Lemprière

If you're thinking of attending a Trade Show we've put together a checklist of tips to help to maximize your time spent there.

The Loving Chair Company - Video

Moving from the Garage to the Showroom from Loving Chair Company


In this video Alex Luxo-Piazza from the Loving Chair Company shares her experiences of making the move from the garage to showroom and the financial implications of taking a busine…

Tim Crowley La Mare Vineyards - Video

The importance of brand image


In this video Tim Crowley of La Mare Vineyard discusses the importance of your business brand image. It is the face and personality of the company Reflects on the person bu…