Five Things I’ve Learned from Being a Business Owner

22/10/2015 — June Stead

Senior Business Advisor, June Stead, shares her experience.

  1. Business is all about building great relationships. Customers, staff, suppliers, accountant, lawyer, bank manager – the list goes on. Get good at it. Surround yourself with a support network of people you trust (and like) as you can’t do everything yourself.
  2. Don’t expect everyone to work the way you work. Let people work to their strengths and make an effort to understand what those are. Be approachable and genuine.
  3. Always stay on top of your finances, running out of a flow of cash is both stressful and damaging and can ultimately close a business down even if the cash is due in.
  4. It’s an honour and a privilege to successfully run your own business regardless how big or small – don’t ever take it for granted
  5. If you don’t love what you’re doing stop doing it.
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