A day in the life of a Jersey entrepreneur-Glenda Rivoallan


Glenda Rivoallan, Founder, Club Soulgenic

What makes you spring out of bed in the morning?

My son makes me spring out of bed in the morning, he motivates me to get up and at it with all I can, each and every day. The thing which inspires the most energy with respect to my business, is knowing that I’m bringing one of my ideas to fruition. It’s motivating, creating a business which gives opportunities to many other people. My life has an invigorating purpose because of my passion for business. The risks and potential down sides make creating a business all the more exciting – where would we be if we didn’t take a risk now and again?

What does your normal day look like?

After I drop my son off to school, my day always starts with a quick coffee as I get in work mode with a power walk to my office and then a strict 30 minutes checking my emails and responding to anything urgent. Before lunchtime, I tend to go for a walk around the business to connect with our team. I have learned to understand that spending even just 5 minutes to check in with people helps keep my finger on the pulse regarding the mood and current play in different aspects of the business; at the same time, it helps me to build and maintain important connections. Meetings are always part of my daily agenda as well as matters regarding money, clients, members, artwork, marketing and just about anything else – I’m hands on with all the elements of my business. I finish the day with checking my emails again in preparation for the following day. One important ethos I carry through every day is to not put off to tomorrow what I can do today!

How did you get to where you are today?

This might sound cliché, but for me it genuinely has been sheer perseverance and hard work, coupled with an unwavering tendency to aim for success. Learning to stay grounded in the present and tapping into the self-belief to keep going has also been crucially important to my success in business. I have been extremely lucky to surround myself with very talented and passionate people along the way, and I guess I have a talent in choosing the right team. The support network that we nurture in our industry has been instrumental for my personal development in growing my businesses. I am a real believer in lifelong learning too and my commitment to education has ensured I learn my trade and never stop garnering more information; keeping up with trends and forecasting what’s likely to happen next – staying one step ahead of the game.

What couldn’t you live your life without?

A soya latte from Nude Food and my mobile phone, without a shadow of a doubt and for every reason (and every app!).

Which outsiders (professional services, investors, mentors, family etc.) have been most important to the success of your business?

It goes without saying that my family is my driving force – without them it wouldn’t be nearly as worthwhile. Duncan Green must get a mention as he has been a mentor to me for over 30 years; he’s a real industry guru. Highlands College have been a force of opportunity and evolution for me, so I am ever grateful to them too… Of course, my team both within the business and on the periphery – everyone plays a part really.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Learning that people who work in your business all come at things with a different perspective – this is fantastic but also challenging when you’re at the head of the table. It’s a bit like conducting an orchestra at times. Understanding that some people genuinely see the world differently to others and bring alternative opinions to business decisions; developing a culture of trust and openness is key.

What advice would you give to your younger self before embarking on your business journey?

For every good thing that happens in business along the way there is normally a challenge just around the corner. But always remind yourself of the fact that it is only one moment in time and that it will pass, with new opportunities and challenges – it’s a journey. This has helped me to calm my thinking when things get really tough, or to take time out to enjoy the moment when it is really good. Living in the present as opposed to ruminating in the past or thinking too far ahead in the future works for me.


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