Property support, travel restrictions & enforcement of guidelines


New guidance has recently been released by Government and we wanted to keep you up to date with what’s happening.  We also wanted to remind you that we are still offering a number of 1:1 packages of support for HR, financial planning and landlord negotiations.

Business rent and leases – Free 1 : 1 consultation

The Government of Jersey has recently adopted a new approach to supporting its tenants. For tenants who are continuing to see a reduced turnover because of the COVID-19 restrictions, Government is now open to agreeing alternative concessions such as rent holidays and early lease terminations for future rent payments. If your business is in this situation, we can help you present your case to have your rent reviewed. Apply for support using the ‘When Government is your landlord‘ drop down.

Updated travel guidance

The Government of Jersey have announced changes to their safer travel guidance that will apply from 29th September. This includes additional countries (the whole of the UK, France, Germany, Italy) that are classified at a regional level as well as new testing and isolation requirements for incoming travellers:

Enforcement of Government guidelines for business

Increased enforcement measures are being put in place to ensure businesses and organisations comply with all relevant guidelines and regulations. Spot checks will be undertaken to ensure that public health guidelines are being adhered to.

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