Photo of Simon Soar - Head of Hospitality, Jersey Business

Simon Soar

Head of Hospitality & Tourism

T: 01534 610300

DD: 07700 709727

Simon Soar is the Head of Hospitality & Tourism at Jersey Business and provides practical advice, support and representation to established hospitality & tourism businesses so they can achieve their full potential.

Simon trained as a chef in Australia at the start of his career and after 4 years working around the world, moved onto bars, with a specialty in cocktails and spirits. He quickly moved into management and then consultation work. He worked as a Business Development Manager for a drink’s distributor for the Channel Islands, giving him a great insight into the operation of not only multiple venues, but jurisdictions too. After opening 2 restaurants, he took on the role of Association Manager for the Jersey Hospitality Association, and then CEO. For his work over the pandemic, he received an IoD director of the year award, and a Bailiffs Citation.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from being in business it is…

There is always room for improvement. That and do not believe your own PR!

The most important thing on my desk is…

Probably my phone. Over the years, and through multiple channels, that has become my network to achieve what I have.

I love working at Jersey Business because…

I feel incredibly lucky to work with a team of such passionate, experienced and like-minded individuals with that common goal to help others