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Chris Settle

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Chris provides business advice to a range of businesses including those starting up as well as established organisations wanting to improve processes and grow their client base.

Chris’s 35 years’ experience as a retail professional includes time working in major chains such as John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and B&Q as well as running his own furniture retail business here in Jersey. Having been responsible for all aspects of retailing from new store openings, the development of product ranges, returning underperforming stores to profitability, reviewing operations and store management and the importation of product from the UK, Chris’s knowledge and experience of retail management is second to none.

Give us a flavor of some your highlights from 2019…

When I was asked to talk on the support we give to Start-Up businesses in Jersey as part of the Skills Jersey Festival of learning I was horrified at the thought of doing a public presentation. Originally this was going to be a talk for a small group but grew into a much bigger event, to the extent that we needed bigger premises & it even was filmed for streaming on social media.

As it’s a long time since I’ve done any public speaking it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and even the thought of it made me feel uncomfortable. But it went really well because I realised it was a subject that I am really passionate about and which I understood really well. When it was over, I ended up with a great feeling of achievement and satisfaction not least because people in the audience came to me and said how helpful it had been. I’ve realised that the end rewards are greater than the discomfort and sometimes you just have to go for it.

What are you most looking forward to working on in 2020…

With that in mind I’m most looking forward to supporting the Government deliver aspects of the rural economy strategy. This is a new strand of activity for Jersey Business and a bit outside my area of expertise. However, now we’ve started I can see there are common denominators across different sectors, and I can already see that we can find solutions to the different aspects we’re looking. So, I’m excited to drive this forward and am sure I’ll feel the same sense of satisfaction as we start having an impact.

Keep your costs low. A lean business has the best chance of making more profit.

What exciting stuff are you planning to do during your down time in 2020…

The big thing is… I’ve recently purchased a new and bigger outboard engine for my little boat called Fait le Jo Jo. The boat is named after a racehorse that my son-in-law used to ride and, as he is the previous owner of the boat, we’re keeping it in the family! I’m looking forward to exploring the less accessible coves and beaches around Jersey and I might pick up a few lobster and mackerel as I go – weather permitting.

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