Relocating your Business to Jersey

What's involved.


Jersey welcomes high-value, low footprint businesses. Our sister organization, Locate Jersey, can advise and assist you through every step of relocating your business to Jersey from the initial enquiry to support for your application and helping to build a new network of contacts in the island.

Why come to Jersey?

Jersey is the largest Island of the Channel Islands. An English speaking Island, Jersey is 9 miles (14.5km) wide by 5 miles (8km) long and is just 14 miles (or 22km) from the French coast and 85 miles (137km) south of the English coast.

Jersey is a self-governing dependency of the British Crown with its own fiscal, administrative and legal systems. The Island has a Royal Court, which is equal to the UK’s Crown Court for criminal matters and UK’s High Court for civil matters and has its own democratically elected parliament, the States Assembly.

The Island is multi-cultural with a vibrant programme of cultural and creative events which reflect both its Jersey’s unique history history and its current.

You can find more information on Settling in Jersey including information about:

What’s Involved in moving your business to Jersey?

You will have to make an application to the Government in order to move your business to Jersey. Have a look at the checklist below which will tell you everything you need to consider before making an application to move to Jersey.

Moving to Jersey Checklist

Once you have decided that moving to Jersey could be for you, Locate Jersey will guide you through the process, assisting you or your intermediary to prepare a business plan and supporting documentation. Meetings can also be arranged with relevant business contacts and with other local government departments.

The team at Locate Jersey can mediate between you and the regulator, facilitate the submission of your application form, business plan and company formation/registration documents, requests for essential employees and any other supporting documents, to Jersey’s Population Office.

How to Apply?

Should you wish to establish a physical presence in and operate from Jersey you will require a business licence to do so, we recommend you speak to our colleagues at Locate Jersey on 01534 440604, [email protected] or

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