Systems, Data & Cyber Security

Choosing the right IT and office systems is fundamental to the success of your business.

Whether you are starting out or have an established business you should think about the information and data that you will collect, where and how you will store it, what you will do with it and how you will keep it safe.

Choosing the right IT solution(s) can make your business efficient and help keep your data safe. The policies you have in place for data protection and confidentiality, cyber and physical security and for upgrading your hardware and systems will also have a beneficial impact on your business.

Training your staff on how you use your systems and, perhaps more importantly, on how to handle the information your business collects is vital to keeping your data secure. From recognising a phishing email & knowing what to do with it, to knowing if and when to share confidential client information, your staff are at the front line of keeping your systems and data secure.

These pages will give you more information about keeping your data protected and your business safe online with much more advice via the external links.

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