Essential Business Communications

Essential Business Communications has been specifically created for small businesses and SMEs that are trading to give an overview to understand the fundamentals of marketing and communications to set their business up for success!

5 workshops for delegates

Workshop 1 – Messaging

Create messaging about your business that speaks directly to your ideal customer and converts.

Workshop 2 – Create brand advocates

Develop the unique feeling of your brand and create brand advocates in your customers and your team.

Workshop 3 – Social Media

Know how to work with the dreaded social media algorithms so you spend time on platforms that help your business.

Workshop 4 – PR

Learn exactly what PR really is and how to use it in your business for impact.

Workshop 5 – Sell Online

Be confident selling online in a way that feels good and gets results!

What will you learn?

During the 5 week course, you will:

  • Finally understand why your message just isn’t landing with your ideal customer and know how to fix it
  • Have the tools to create a brand that makes sense to you and speaks to your customers too
  • Figure out the dreaded social media algorithms so you stop wasting time on platforms that won’t help your business
  • Feel confident selling online in a genuine way so you can show up live on social media, on stage or with a client knowing that you can sell with ease
  • Understand what PR is and how to use it to support your business
  • Have the support of a specialist to guide you through your marketing strategy step by step
Who should apply?

If you are responsible for the marketing and communications in your business, then this programme is for you. You might be a business owner, marketing manager, business manager or Director.

How much does it cost?

The course, which is subsidised by Government of Jersey, is £120.00 per delegate.

When are the sessions?

There are 5 workshops and a 1:1 session (date to be arranged separately). The dates for the workshops are:

Essential Business Communications Timetable

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The programme is being managed by Jersey Business, created and delivered by Jacqui Patton, MD of Ink Blot Creative and Founder of GREENHOUSE Jersey and is subsidised by the Government of Jersey.