In a business context, how people work, what they do and what they deliver has a direct impact on the productivity of a business or other organisation, which in turn drives the culture, profitability, competitiveness and long-term viability of that organisation.

Here you will find details of programmes, events, grant schemes, surveys, webinars and blogs all on the topic of productivity.

Business Improvement Programme

The Business Improvement Programme has been developed to support businesses to deliver sustainable efficiency and productivity gains that will create market competitiveness and a solid operational platform for future growth. The programme is open to those businesses who recognise that continuous improvement is key to sustainable growth and that their workflows can always be better.

For full details and to register your interest for the Business Improvement Programme click here.

Productivity Circle

The Productivity Circle is a free development and networking forum run by Jersey Business for people who, regardless of scale or position within their organisation, are practitioners, interested in or involved in the implementation of continuous business improvement within their organisations. It will provide an opportunity for sharing best practice; peer to peer learning and support for members to focus on continuous business improvement.

Visit our events page to reserve your place at the next session.


Productivity Support Scheme Grant

The primary aim of this Government of Jersey grant scheme is to enable businesses in Jersey to make productivity improvements that would not be achieved without support.

To apply for grant support through the Productivity Support Scheme, the business will need to identify a productivity improvement project and have a detailed and fully costed project delivery plan.

Find out more about the Productivity Support Scheme Grant here.

Productivity Survey results 2023

We commissioned this independent survey in 2023 for the 2nd time to help us understand how businesses are approaching productivity and how we can support business to address the challenges and opportunities for improving it.

This was an independent, online Productivity survey with a mix of semi-structured questions. Hosted by 4insight, the survey used their in-house survey software to enable cross tabulations of various questions, allowing for comparison of difference segments, sectors, positions and business age.

Of the responses received after data quality checks and cleaning 355 data sets were useable a significant increase from the 217 responses received in 2022. The largest group of respondents were owner/founders but also included CEO’s and Directors, middle managers and supervisor/team leader levels and involved businesses that had been established for 1-21 years or more, across 15 industry sectors.

Productivity Survey webinar 2023 - What Jersey Businesses Think

This webinar hosted by Jersey Business delivered the results of the productivity survey.

In a business context, the people and their inter-dependencies have a direct impact on the productivity of an organisation which in turn drives the culture, profitability, competitiveness, and long-term viability of that organisation.

The webinar covers:

  • Highlights from the recent Jersey Business Productivity survey results
  • Top tips to improve productivity from organisations
  • Barriers to improving productivity within Jersey
  • What help is available to organisations on their productivity journey.

Productivity Week 2023

Building on the Productivity survey, Jersey Business has organised a series of events to focus on productivity during the week commencing 26th June 2023. There is something for anyone with an interest to improve productivity within their organisation.

Productivity Week 2023

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