Business Improvement Programme

The Business Improvement Programme has been developed to support businesses to deliver sustainable efficiency and productivity gains that will create market competitiveness and a solid operational platform for future growth. The programme is open to those businesses who recognise that continuous improvement is key to sustainable growth and that their workflows can always be better.

A mixture of interactive workshops and workplace based support will be delivered to delegates so they gain an understanding of the foundations for efficiency improvement and learn techniques for the successful implementation of real sustainable change. There will be a particular focus on creating awareness, understanding and providing practical tools to manage the behavioural barriers that prevent full engagement with, and implementation of, the business improvement process.

Participants must commit to a 4 one day workshops spread across several months and will be supported in between workshops to apply the learning to their business. All sessions will be interactive with exercises for delegates to work on together so they lean from each other.

Delegates will need to practice the tools and techniques in the workplace and modular workbooks will be provided which will help delegates during and well beyond the delivery of the workshops.

Sponsoring business leaders will be required to support delegates to ensure that they achieve maximum impact back in the workplace to implement successful and sustainable change.

The Programme

The programme consists of the following elements:

4 Workshops for Delegates

Workshop 1.  Delegates are set up to understand change management and agree an area for improvement within their business, enabling them to write a Project Charter.

Workshop 2.   Practical experience of the problem solving tools that can be used back in the workplace to deliver the chosen project.

Workshop 3.  Application of process improvement techniques within the business with identifiable project measures and opportunities for improvement.

Workshop 4.  Prepare for presentation of the learning and how it will be applied within the business.

Improvement Project Presentation Event

Sponsoring business leaders will attend a presentation event at which delegates will show the impact of that the Business Improvement Programme has had, and will continue to have, on their business.

Would it help my business?

If you’re not sure how the business improvement programme will help your business, here is what some of the past participants have said about their experience:

I have learnt a number of techniques that I will continue to use in the business. The programme was very practical and enjoyable, all presented in an engaging and fun manner.” Business Analyst Jersey Post

“We hadn’t appreciated how much scope there was for business improvement and efficiencies within this one department of our hotel. The course has encouraged us to work through our current system and develop plans to implement changes which we hope will have a positive effect across the hotel in the months to come.” General Manager, Omaroo Hotel

“All credit to the lecturer whose support and encouragement during the course, including his site visits to the “coal face”, made the course bespoke to our particular business in how we can apply these techniques to improve our own operations and processes. I highly recommend this course to any business that are prepared to map their processes, add value and most importantly save money.” Studios Manager, Romerils

“The Jersey Business Improvement programme has reinforced the fact that improvement is continuous and small changes really matter. We had good group interactivity in the programme workshops with other companies in a professional and relaxed delivery process. We enjoyed using the lean tools back in the workplace, especially the “Ishikawa” diagrams which we will continue to use going forward.” Operations Manager, Jersey Dairy

“This programme has provided a great level of personal development to allow us to drive improvement into the business. There was a good balance between verbal and practical engagement and the exercises demonstrated to us how we could put theory into practice.” CEO, Redcoin

To register you interest in participating in the Business Improvement Programme please email us at [email protected]