Admin for your business

A checklist of your business 'Must Dos'

In the course of running your business and in addition to the day to day activity there are several governance functions that you must carry out on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

This list is not a complete guide but here are some functions you must carry out to run your business legally.


New deadlines and choice for 2020 for personal/self-employment tax returns

You can complete your personal/self-employment tax return in the traditional paper way or online. Below are the deadlines.

To submit your form online you will need to register for a account. Instructions and the application are on this link

Here is a link to detailed guidance and a video for the how to complete the self-employment section of the tax form.

Should you require further help contact your accountant or [email protected]

Annual Return the JFSC

If you are a limited company in Jersey, you must submit a set of accounts to the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC)

Social Security contributions

As a business owner you must pay Class 2 contributions find out more information here.

Data protection registration

You must register with the Office of the Information Commissioner each year if you will be holding personal data.