Productivity Week 2022

Why is productivity important?

As productivity increases so does the standard of living within the economy, as worker earnings tends to rise in pace. With higher productivity, organisations try to hire more workers. The increased demand for labour bids up the wage rate and the gains from higher productivity flow through to the workers. For an organisation, higher productivity increases resilience, sustainability, and profits.

Jersey Business commissioned a productivity survey, to identify the barriers and challenges to productivity within Jersey.  We held a webinar, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday 15 June to delivery the results.

Building on the Productivity survey, Jersey Business has organised a series of events to focus on productivity during the week commencing 4 July 2022. The events are free and there is something for anyone with an interest to improve productivity within their organisation.

Wednesday 6th July 12:15-14:30 – Chamber of Commerce Lunch – Leading a culture of productivity, people and profit.  The Jersey Chamber July lunch is kindly sponsored by and facilitated by Jersey Business with international speaker Professor Bob Emiliani calling from the USA to inform a discussion on the role of leaders in creating a culture that delivers increased productivity, engaged people and better profits.

Thursday 7th July 16:00-18:00 – Productivity Circle – Launch The continuous improvement journey.  This is a development and networking forum run by Jersey Business to share best practice and support members on their continuous improvement journey. The session will be practical and facilitated by UK business improvement specialist Brian Butler, with a focus on behavioural waste.

Friday 8th July 08:00-10:00 – Leadership – Creating a productive culture.  Guest speakers, Royston Guest and Brian Butler will discuss the key factors the create improvement focused leadership in a practical and engaging manner. Organisations that have a culture of continuous improvement are more resilient and better able to respond to external impacts because they are more open, flexible and adaptable. By combining human creativity and ingenuity with data, technology and process improvement they are able to respond quickly at all levels in the organisation, to the ever changing environment.

Every Day: Practical 1:1 sessions with a business improvement specialist.  Jersey Business are offering organisations the opportunity to host a session with a business improvement specialist. This could be to discuss areas which the business feels could be improved, or assistance on a business improvement project, or how to embark on a continuous improvement journey, or how to tackle a particular barrier to productivity.

For further information, or to book your place on one of these sessions, please click on the relevant link.

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