Productivity Week 2023

Why is productivity important?

As productivity increases so does the standard of living within the economy, as worker earnings tends to rise in pace. With higher productivity, organisations try to hire more workers. The increased demand for labour bids up the wage rate and the gains from higher productivity flow through to the workers. For an organisation, higher productivity increases resilience, sustainability, and profits.

For the second year running Jersey Business has commissioned a productivity survey, to identify the barriers and challenges to productivity within Jersey.  We will be holding a webinar on Thursday 8th June to deliver the results.

Building on the Productivity survey from 2022, Jersey Business has organised a series of events to focus on productivity during the week commencing 26th June 2023. There is something for anyone with an interest to improve productivity within their organisation.

Tuesday 27th June – CONFERENCE Boost Productivity: See Your Business ThriveProductivity is the lifeblood of business survival and growth, and in this conference, we’ll explore how it can help address some of the biggest challenges facing businesses in 2023, from labour shortages to economic downturns, uncertainty, and more.

Our impressive lineup of speakers and experts, including Jamil Qureshi will provide you with insights and strategies to help you eliminate waste, increase efficiency, and align your business to its purpose. You’ll leave the conference with practical tips and tools to implement in your own business, as well as a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration.

Thursday 29th June 15:00-18:00 – Barriers to Business, Focus Group. Join us to discuss the big issues like available workforce to the day-to-day issues processes and forms that seem pointless or could be much quicker if done differently, we want to know what you would change.

Friday 30th June 08:00-09:00 – Leaders Book Club. Join us for the launch of our Leaders Book Club, in partnership with our friends at the Jersey Library.  Our book club is open to all, with the aim of bringing together like-minded individuals who are passionate about learning and leadership.

Between 28th-30th June: Practical 1:1 sessions with a Business Advisor. Jersey Business are offering organisations the opportunity to host a session with a business advisor. This could be to discuss areas which the business feels could be improved, or assistance on a business improvement project, or how to embark on a continuous improvement journey, or how to tackle a particular barrier to productivity.

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