Jersey Business runs a retail development programme to support local retailers grow and develop their businesses.

The range of retail outlets in Jersey is vast and varied. Large and small, food and non‐food outlets are concentrated in the main shopping area of St Helier, the island’s main town. Additional shopping hubs are in St Aubin, Red Houses and Gorey.

Overall the availability of brands across the island is strong although often the range is not as large as would be seen on the UK’s mainland and there is an absence of the cheaper ‘deep discounter’ supermarkets that are available to consumers in the UK. However, Jersey has a vibrant range of farm shops and many of the groceries available in supermarkets are locally grown. A restriction on importing cow’s milk into Jersey means that only milk from the local herds is available.

Products made on the island may be allowed to carry the Genuine Jersey trademark if they have a substantial element of local raw material or production.

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They are tuned into the way the Island and its idiosyncrasies work and can open doors that you might not be able to get through on your own.

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