Our range of business support services has helped companies in the healthcare sector to meet the challenges of the changing regulatory and technology environment.

Healthcare in Jersey is not part of the NHS and has separate rules in relation to provision for those of the UK and other Channel Islands. Typically visits to the doctor and non-emergency treatment must be paid for and, as a result, many employers provide medical insurance cover for their employees. The government is developing an e-health programme designed to introduce technology in order to better integrate primary and secondary healthcare across both the public and private sectors.

Care services are provided by both the public and private sectors. A recipient of publicly funded or supported services must use a supplier on an approved provider framework which is run by the government’s social security department. It ensures that every home carer works to the standard set by the Code of Conduct for healthcare support workers.

Jersey Business has supported companies working within the healthcare sector particularly in relation to the introduction of the new regulatory frameworks.

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