Financial Services

We support both new start-ups and existing companies looking to grow within Jersey’s world-class finance sector.

Jersey’s financial services industry is proud to play its part in the Island’s success and is focused on working with key partners in the community to ensure this continued prosperity. It makes a major contribution to the Island’s economy generating 41% of the island’s total economic output, contributing 50% of total tax revenue and employing more than 13,270 people.

Jersey’s forward-thinking approach, robust regulatory framework and political and economic stability have kept the jurisdiction at the forefront of global finance for more than 50 years. Attracting the brightest talent and with an impressive range of products and services, it gives an unparalleled welcome to businesses and investors alike.

The industry’s primary focus is in the key sectors of banking, fund services, wealth management, and capital markets – including the specialist sectors of Islamic finance and philanthropy.

Jersey Business supports small and medium sized companies in the finance sector by helping them plan to start-up and grow their businesses for the future, both on and off-Island.

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