Employing People

The success and failure of a business can often lie in the hands of its people, the decisions they make and the way they undertake their day-to-day activities.

It will almost always be impossible to grow your business without employing other people to compliment your own skills and expertise. So, when you start bringing people into your business you should be clear what you need them to do and make sure you employ the right people for those roles. Recruiting is a relatively straightforward process, but you need to be aware of your obligations as an employer and be sure that your employees are eligible to work.

Identifying the future skills and experience your business will need is key to improving its performance so encouraging staff training and development in line with these requirements will pay dividends later. Allocating a budget for training and development might seem like a costly exercise so it is important to make sure you are spending these funds on the people and activity that will contribute to business improvement.

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