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Social Media Marketing for Retail Businesses

09:00 – 11:00
Digital Jersey Hub (Skills zone), Block 3 Ground Floor, Grenville Street, JE2 4UF


This 7 session programme has been developed by The Jersey Retail Association as a result of direct feedback from businesses in the sector. The programme will give delegates the skills to design outstanding social media content to tell the story of their business and engage with different social media channels to maximise their reach. The programme is being run by The Collective ( and places are 75% subsidised by the Government of Jersey.

Target audience:

Any individual who is (or will be) responsible for posting on social media or web/blog content. Delegates can be from a broad range of roles within the retail sector including Marketing, Social media manager, Owner, Manager, Director, or a member of the sales team with responsibility for posting on social media. In order to gain a subsidised place, delegates must have Entitled or Entitled for work status*.

Course format and dates:

The course is run as a sequence of 7 sessions each lasting 1.5 hours. Each session leads on to the next and delegates must attend all sessions. The first 3 sessions focus on techniques and skills to develop outstanding content for your social media posts as this is essential before embarking upon any marketing campaign. The next 4 sessions focus on social media marketing, strategy, tactics and delivery. The content of each session is outlined below:

Creating the content for your social media posts

Session 1: Getting started (Tuesday 14 May 9.30am to 11am)

Session 2: Planning (Tuesday 21 May 9.30am to 11am)

Session 3: Strategy (Tuesday 4 June 9.30am to 11am)

Social media marketing:

Session 4: Introduction (Tuesday 11 June 9.30am to 11am)

Session 5: Tactics & Strategy (Tuesday 18 June 9.30am to 11am)

Session 6: Delivery (Tuesday 25 June 9.30am to 11am)

Session 7: Bringing it all together (Tuesday 16 July 6pm to 7.30pm)

Additional details

Other information:

Please ensure that you have the consent of your delegates before booking them on to a course and entering their information in the booking

* If you have any queries regarding the residential status of your staff members or you wish to put a staff member with Registered status on the course, please contact the business licensing team at [email protected].

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