Leadership – Creating a productive culture

08:00 – 10:00
The Royal Yacht, Weighbridge Place JE2 3NF Saint Helier

The leadership event sponsored by Jersey Business will provide valuable insights in how to lead and develop a productivity focused culture within your organisation. The event is for senior leaders and decision makers who want to develop businesses to have sustainable, profitable and impactful growth.

Organisations that have a culture of continuous improvement are more resilient and better able to respond to external impacts because they are more open, flexible and adaptable. By combining human creativity and ingenuity with data, technology and process improvement they are able to respond quickly at all levels in the organisation, to the ever changing environment.

Guest speakers, Royston Guest and Brian Butler will discuss the key factors that create improvement focused leadership in a practical and engaging manner. This will also be an opportunity to build on the results of Jersey Business’s recently commissioned productivity survey which has identified the challenges to continuous improvement in Jersey.

After the session you will walk away with ways of working, an understanding of and tools to;


Image of Royston Guest
Royston Guest
Brian Butler, Accelerate
Brian Butler

Royston Guest is an author, entrepreneur, business growth strategist, and guest speaker for more than two decades, he's helped tens of thousands of businesses to deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth. His books Built to Grow and Rise: Start living the life you were meant to lead have been highly successful. 

Brian Butler began his career in the 1980’s as a vehicle mechanic progressing through Industrial Engineering, Operations Management and Executive Directorships within various business sectors before setting up Accelerate in 2003. He has lectured at Durham University and is a frequent guest speaker at business events throughout the UK.