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Enterprise Week 2018 – You’ve got a £x budget for marketing, how would you spend it?

17:30 – 19:30
Barclays Eagle Labs, Jersey Library

At this Enterprise Week 2018 event find out about the tactics you can use to build a brand in a connected marketplace using digital, print, broadcast or print, online or offline.

Whether you are building a brand or a completely new business, one of the challenges is to decide on the right channel to use to communicate with your customers and how much to spend.

Chris Morris from the inbound marketing agency Interval, will introduce and facilitate a conversation that will explore the different approaches businesses have taken to marketing their product and discuss how they:

The panel is:

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Keith Beecham-CEO Visit Jersey
Keith Beecham
Sam Watts, Jersey Entrepreneur, Orchid & Sleep Well Milk
Sam Watts
Paul Clark - MyPad
Paul Clark
Lisa Walton-Jersey Development Company
Lisa Walton

CEO Visit Jersey

After graduating, Keith spent two years in Japan teaching English. On returning to Britain he completed an MBA in 1982 at Bradford University. This led to a stint at an American investment bank in London before joining the British Tourist Authority (BTA) in 1990. A 25-year BTA career involved assignments based in London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Keith rose to become Director of Global Business before a stint as interim CEO of Visit Britain (the trading name for BTA). He assumed the CEO role at the newly formed Visit Jersey Limited in March 2015. He recruited a team, launched a new brand for Jersey and set about strengthening partnerships and creating marketing campaigns to reach an annual ambition of 1 million visitors spending £500million by 2030.

Co-Founder of Sleep Well Milk and Orchid Communications

Sam has lived, breathed and delivered creative marketing and PR campaigns for all shapes and sizes of business for more than 25 years.  By day, Sam can be found co-Directing ORCHID, the thriving and award-winning Creative PR agency she founded 14 years ago whilst juggling the demands of teenage children and a black Labrador called Henry.  By night, you’ll find her hunkered down with her husband and company co-Founder Allan, working on their thriving new food business Sleep Well Milk, which launched last September.  In less than a year they have created a brand, launched the product to trade and consumers, secured vital listings with more than 50 local stores, Fortnum & Mason, Booths and Amazon, established an online store through their website and built a loyal database of more than 3000 customers and an active social media community.  Applying her broad range of marketing skills to a start-up food business and making critical marketing decisions about how and where to spend their limited launch marketing funds makes Sam the perfect candidate to join our panel at today’s event.

Owner MyPad

Having had a long career in retail in Jersey from launching the Tie Rack franchise to being the Operations Manager for the CI CoOp Paul decided to branch out on his own with his online furniture business, MyPad. By focusing on delivering great customer service Paul wanted his business to be able to offer the personal touch that the bigger players could not. Building on the strength of his online presence to bricks & mortar gave him the opportunity to showcase his products whilst maintaining his USP, to be the Channel Islands first true furniture and home interiors e-tailer.

Jersey Development Company

After working in aviation for over 10 years Lisa found a new career in construction or more to the point bringing large scale developments to life. Enabling people to see the vision of the development prior to anything being built was a skill and one which proved to be natural to Lisa, maintaining the highest sales turnover each year.

Since moving to Jersey Development Company Lisa successfully launched College Gardens from a 7m sq office and sold 147 apartments within 15 months of the launch. Finding the right people to enable her to deliver the development from scratch, the App company, the right marketing company, making connections with current lenders and getting the right branding identity for the development.

JDC has recently launched the HORIZON project on the waterfront and due to the successful marketing campaign and strategy in place JDC has sold over 1/3 of the development in a 10 month period.

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