Digital Starter Workshops for the Hospitality Industry – Where to start with Coordinating your Online Presence

15:00 – 17.00
Digital Jersey Hub

Today’s visitor, guest or customer is not only very digitally enabled as a user but has an expectation and requirement that when choosing a hotel, transport or where to eat, that the establishment they choose has a digital presence either via a simple website or using Social Media, but all are available in the correct format to be viewed on a tablet, mobile phone as well as a desktop or lap top.

These workshops are designed to provide to basic training, support, encouragement, and practical tools to get you started on your digital journey for your business.

Each workshop topic has been identified as areas that a hospitality business should have as the foundation for their digital presence and can be learnt quickly and put in to practice.

We have bought together trainers that are very experienced plus also understand the challenges that a business in the Hospitality sector faces particularly in Jersey. The sessions will be interactive and practical and provide tools to take away to be used back in your business. Each session is stand-alone but we would recommend that to get the full benefit that you attend each session so you can start to think about how each part can be integrated and work for your business and customer needs.

The workshops are free to attend, with limited spaces and are designed for accommodation providers particularly small hotels and guesthouses.

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