How to charge a price that’s right for you and your customer.

17:30 – 19:30
Barclays Eagle Labs, Jersey Library

At this event,  as part of Customer Service Week 2017, hosted by Barclays at the Eagle Lab at Jersey Library, Michele Ivory will discuss the psychology of pricing and the barriers to getting the price right for your customer.

Come to this talk and you’ll understand what’s preventing you from charging the right price for your work and questioning;


Michele Ivory

Michele Ivory is a therapist specialising in working with individuals to overcome the stress and strain of money and financial matters so they feel calm, confident and in control.

A psychology graduate who didn’t follow her dream to be a psychologist due to financial constraints. Instead, Michele trained to be a chartered accountant, working with a broad range of clients across a number of different industries for 20 years. Eventually Michele followed her dream and trained to be a rapid transformational therapist in London and now provides a unique perspective and offering to her clients.

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