Business Improvement Programme: Launch session

08:00 – 10:00
Royal Yacht Hotel

The Business Improvement Programme has a proven track record of supporting companies to deliver sustainable efficiency and productivity gains that will have a long-term impact on a business’s profitability. This is a brand new initiative for Jersey and an amazing opportunity to create a step-change in your business’s performance.

This launch event will explain the programme and you will:

  • Hear how your business will benefit from participating in the Business Improvement Programme
  • Get examples of the type of improvements you could make in your business
  • Learn about the skills that will be developed in your workforce
  • Understand the programme format, the commitment that is needed from you
  • Receive clear instructions on how to apply to be part of the programme

Attend this event if you:

  • Lead a business
  • Are keen to improve your processes to make your business as efficient as possible
  • Are open to changing how your teams work to improve collaboration within your business
  • Want a training opportunity for individuals across your organisation

What type of business will benefit from being on the Business Improvement Programme? Whether you are a small two man digital business or a large engineering or construction company you will have processes that need tightening up or completely redesigning. So, whatever size or sector you are in, if you are open to changing internal processes to make them more effective you will benefit from this programme.

Jersey Business has been working with States of Jersey Business Licencing Unit to bring this programme to Jersey. The programme itself will be delivered by Accelerate Ltd who have a track record of delivering business improvement initiatives across the UK achieving over £50m of tangible business benefits.

Event Speaker

Image of Brian Butler, Managing Director, Accelerate
Brian Butler, Managing Director, Accelerate

Brian began his career in the 1980’s as a Vehicle Mechanic progressing through Industrial Engineering, Operations Management and Executive Directorships within various business sectors before setting up Accelerate in 2003. He has lectured at Durham University and is a frequent guest speaker at business events throughout the UK.