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We have complied a number of blogs and factsheets to help you during the coronavirus outbreak.


Managing your short term cashflow

The current business climate will likely be having a huge impact on the cash available in your business. Here we share a list of actions you can take today to be prepared to respond to the financial challenge your business is facing. Having a robust plan, underpinned by a realistic cashflow forecast, will give comfort and clarity to stakeholders (banks, loan providers, other funding sources) and maximise your chances of getting their support if and when you need to apply for it.

  1. Know your cash needs

Determine what short-term cash your business needs. Look at your outgoings and split them into fixed costs and variable costs. Key items will include payroll, rent, utilities bills, supplier bills, loan repayments etc. Understand where the cash is flowing into and out of your business and where you can take steps to improve your cash position.

  1. Create a cashflow forecast

With this information, prepare a cashflow statement for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months. Have this ready for when you need to negotiate funding with a bank or loan provider. Review this information weekly – as the current situation evolves fast, it’s vital you are on top of your cash position. Use our cashflow forecast planning tool here to help you.

  1. Look at costs you can cut or improve

Look at which variable costs you can reduce. Freeze any unnecessary purchases and consider costs that can be put on hold till the situation improves. Use existing supplies up before re-ordering and shop around for alternative lower-cost suppliers when it’s time to buy more. Negotiate discounts for volume purchase. Reduce any unnecessary working hours for part time and casual staff and don’t pay overtime.  Look at every expense to your business and consider if it is needed or adds value. Does it make a difference to the bottom line and are there any other options that are better, faster or cheaper?

  1. Look at how to increase cash coming in

Chase up all debtors: make sure money owed to you is being paid promptly. Consider a discount or other concession for prompt payment and enforce penalties for late payment. Make sure you invoice as soon as work is complete, don’t wait to month end. Renegotiate long term contracts and consider selling assets to raise cash and leasing alternatives.

  1. Talk to your suppliers and negotiate payment deferrals

Try and extend credit terms with suppliers and don’t pay before you have to – if 30 days, pay on 30 days. Make use of Government schemes enabling delayed payment of social security, GST and ITIS. Talk to your landlord and bank to negotiate payment deferrals where possible.


HR Resources & Guides

One of the questions we are being asked most often is how do I manage my staff in this crisis?


6 things employers can do


This Podcast is for business leaders in Jersey who are grappling with the HR challenges that the current coronavirus outbreak is creating. It is practical and outlines some of the key steps you need to take to deal effectively with your current situation in what is a very stressful time for business and individuals.

Richard Plaister of HR experts Law at Work and Simon Soar, the Chief Operating Officer of the Jersey Hospitality Association speak to Lori Rault, Head of Retail at Jersey Business about the challenges faced by business leaders.



Staying safe online

We are all adjusting to the current situation and it is important to make sure that security is still central to the way we are all working, especially if we are not used to working remotely. Here are six questions to ask yourself if you are working from home.

Staying safe online when working from home

Your Wellbeing

Working from home

Over the course of the coming weeks more and more of us may have to self-isolate as a protective measure to curb the spread of Covid-19 in our communities. Here you will find some hints and tips to support you during this time.

Jade Ecobichan-Gray founder of Mindset Matters, a local specialist in the development of personal and professional wellbeing has put together

FACTSHEET COVID-19 – 10 tips to maintain a positive mindset during COVID-19

As someone who’s worked from home for many years, Susana Rowles of Target Internet has put together her top tips for keeping it professional and workable for you.

FACTSHEET – 14 Tips on working from home