Coronavirus guidance for business

We have gathered together information, websites and checklists that give useful information for employers and businesses.

Below you will find information and links to help your business during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Payroll co-funding scheme

Support for your business

The following support is available to your business if it is adversely affected by the coronavirus outbreak:

Jersey Business support

HR advice - free 1:1 consultation

If you need to speak to an HR specialist about a specific issue you are having please complete the HR 1:1 support application form.  We promise we’ll then be in touch as quickly as we possibly can to get you the advice you need.

Apply here

You might also find our HR Toolkit for Small Business a useful guide for talking to your staff at this difficult time.

Checklist for business

Download our Coronavirus Checklist for business which explains the steps you should be taking in your business.

Managing your cash flow

We have created a weekly business cash flow forecast that you can use to review your income and costs over the next few weeks. You can use this to factor in any support that you apply for through the Government of Jersey financial schemes.

Visit our Resource Hub for a list of actions you can take today to be prepared to respond to the financial challenge your business is facing.

If you need any advice or support in completing this cash flow forecast contact us at [email protected]


Download Business Cashflow forecast

Government of Jersey support

The Government of Jersey has a number of support mechanisms in place to help your business:

Payroll co-funding scheme

The aim of the payroll co-funding scheme is to help people keep their jobs who would otherwise be made unemployed due to COVID-19 and the restrictions now in place.  This also helps businesses to retain their employees and mean that they can resume normal business activity as soon as possible. 

The scheme is available to eligible businesses where the business has experienced or is highly likely to experience significant detriment due to restrictions put in place to manage the spread of COVID-19. 

You will receive the grant after you have paid the salary/wages of you and your staff.

For information on the payroll co-funding scheme contact: [email protected]

Detailed information on the payroll co-funding scheme
Social security and GST deferment scheme

For businesses and sole-traders, the Government of Jersey introduced a series of measures to mitigate the impact of coronavirus on the Island economy, including:

  • deferring the payment of Social Security contributions;
  • deferring the payment of GST by GST-Registered Businesses; and
  • where the Government is a landlord to a local business (directly or through a Government-owned company) to consider payment deferrals.

This fact sheet explains how to access this support


Short term incapacity allowance

If you have an employee who is following government advice to self-isolate for 7 or 14 days and cannot work from home they can claim sickness benefit.

Claim sickness benefit (short term incapacity benefit) here or call 01534 444444.


Rental payment deferrals

The Government of Jersey will consider rental payment deferrals where it is a landlord to a local business, directly or through a Government-owned company. Requests for rental deferment should be made directly to your landlord or property contact and all requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Tax support

The Government has put in place measures to help with challenges facing taxpayers during this Coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses and particularly those operating in critically affected sectors such as hospitality, agriculture and fishing are experiencing cash flow and trading difficulties.

During these challenging times, Revenue Jersey wants to reassure taxpayers experiencing temporary issues that are creating worry and anxiety. We are committed to working with taxpayers to provide guidance and help to resolve any such difficulties.

This guidance will be reviewed on a regular basis in the light of ongoing developments.

Affected businesses are being encourage to take the following practical steps.

Bank support

Overdraft, loans and other banking facilities

Speak to your own bank as soon as possible about accessing credit facilities and any other options that you might have.

Disruption loan guarantee scheme

The aim of the disruption loan guarantee scheme is to maintain cash flow so that people can remain in employment and businesses do not have to close permanently.

The banks are working together and with the Government of Jersey to structure a loan guarantee scheme which will give you access to Government backed loans. You will access this scheme directly through the banks and the availability and structure of the loan will depend on your business’s individual circumstances.

Please note, this scheme is not yet open to applications, however you will find details of the key features here. Once Government of Jersey has confirmed the participation of the banks we will provide the relevant contact details here.

For information on the business disruption loan guarantee scheme contact us at: [email protected]

Business support for SME's

Legal advice

BCR Law are offering free confidential help and guidance and have established a dedicated email address:

[email protected]

This is for local business owners to send any queries or concerns that they may have about COVID-19’s impact on their business. That could include things such as corporate governance, employment, commercial leases, residential management, commercial contracts, debt payment or recovery and insolvency. They will reply to any emails sent to this address as quickly as they can.

IT help

Prosperity 24/7 are offering free webinars for Microsoft Teams tutorials. Microsoft Teams offer useful tools to keep in touch remotely, so you can continue to connect while working away from your office..

Click here to register on one their webinars.

Business2Home directory

Jersey Post have launched a free Business2Home directory to support businesses that are now delivering their services to the community.

Any business or charity that wants to tell Islanders that they will ‘deliver’ their product or service, can sign up free of charge to be included in the brochure. This could be anything from meals, groceries, office supplies, essential supplies such as prescriptions, or home services such as dog-walking or plumbing repairs.

Once companies have completed the online registration, Jersey Post will print and distribute the business directory to every household on the Island.

Sign up here

Keeping your business working

You need to consider how your workplace is operating, how you manage your team and what would happen if a member of your team contracts coronavirus.

Keeping your business working

However because of the strict social distancing measures to limit the spread of coronavirus some businesses must close to the public.

What does 'Stay at home' mean for my business

On Sunday 29th March the Government of Jersey announced that all but essential workers must stay at home from 08:00 on Monday 30th March 2020.

To understand what this means for you and your business have a look at:

Advice for business during stay at home restrictions

Frequently asked questions on stay at home for business

Essential work

Some businesses that provide ‘essential work’ are permitted to remain open and to see a list of them click here.

If your organisation is providing essential goods or services, you are asked to pare back to only necessary activity with minimum, skeleton staffing levels and, where possible, parents should be enabled to stay at home.

It is very important that all essential workers have up-to-date identification with them identifying them as an essential worker.  Identification could be a work identity card or a letter from the business confirming the individual’s job/role.

If your business is able to stay open you must display this poster in the window.

Essential emergency home and building repair and maintenance works may be carried out by plumbers, electricians, roofers, scaffolders and other tradespeople. This work can be carried out inside people’s homes where it is necessary, provided that the trades person is well and has no COVID-19 symptoms. NO work should be carried out in any household which is isolating or where an individual is being shielded, unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household.

Business that must close

The Government has issued specific guidelines for the following businesses and industry sectors that must close:

  • Building services
  • Construction
  • Farming and agriculture
  • Financial and legal services
  • Food and drink
  • Retail
  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Non-residential institutions
  • Leisure and outdoor recreation

Useful Government links for closure advice  

Business advice for social distancing  

General advice for social distancing 

Food Safety during a changing business model 

26th March – Gov advice on further business closures

The following businesses should close to the public with immediate effect: 

  • Hair salons and barbers 
  • Nail bars 
  • Beauty parlours 
  • Tattoo and piercing studios 
  • Laser and cosmetic clinics delivering non-essential cosmetic treatments 

In addition, any establishment which serves food on-premises should close to the public, but businesses which offer takeaway services can continue to provide food for delivery by following new guidelines. (see below link 3) 

24th March –  Extended social distancing measures

Additional sector closure requirements list from Government  

  • cinemas, theatres, and concert halls  
  • museums and galleries  
  • spas, wellness centres and massage facilities 
  • all indoor leisure and sports facilities, including gyms and swimming pools 
  • betting shops. 

Sunday 22nd  Pub & nightclub closures

pubs and nightclubs that aren’t serving food must close as of 8pm tonight. Those venues with food and drink areas must close the drinks side and only serve to tables within restaurant areas.” 

  • Pubs 
  • Night clubs 


Practical HR Advice

For information on HR challenges that the current COVID-19 outbreak is creating and factsheets visit our Resource Hub.

Resource hub – Guides & Factsheets


For any business related questions about the (COVID-19) pandemic and its impact on business and information on the payroll co-funding scheme contact us at: [email protected]

For information on the business disruption loan guarantee scheme contact us at: [email protected]


Official advice

The following Government of Jersey pages provide advice relevant to businesses in Jersey:

Guidance for employers and businesses including:

World Health Organisation: how to protect yourself

Foreign Office: Travel advice

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