Jersey Dairy on developing international markets

It’s the local product that has gone global; 250 plus years of island tradition transported around the world.

It’s cows and countryside, technology and tastiness, new products and new palates. It’s the industry everyone in Jersey has consumed a drop, dollop, chunk or scoop of at some point.

And now, it’s taking on the world; selling milk, butter and cream to Japan, Korea and China and even ice cream to Yangon, Myanmar.

Since bringing Jersey Business on board to help with strategic development plans in 2013, Jersey Dairy has pushed into new markets, developing new products along the way. Thanks to a continued relationship, Jersey Business is able to connect Jersey Dairy with local food businesses to share expertise and opportunities.

Nick Steel, Head of Client Relations at Jersey Business, said: “Jersey Dairy is a flag bearer for exports from Jersey and part of our role has been to present Jersey Dairy with opportunities. Through us Jersey Dairy is able to share the lessons it has learned about exporting, with other companies.

“Outside of Britain, Jersey Dairy is one of the island’s the leading exporters of produce. Its ability to export successfully makes it a role model for other island businesses who can see the sorts of things it does, particularly in terms of contracts and logistics.”

Jersey Dairy began focusing on exports in 2010 when milk production began to rise following the opening of a new processing factory in Trinity. By 2020 milk yields are expected to rise to 17 million litres a year, up from 14 million in 2014, and 11 million in 2010.

Bob Jones, Head of Marketing and Export at Jersey Dairy, said: “Nick and Alexia helped us with our strategic planning in 2013. I have kept in touch with them and we have been particularly successful with our work together on international products and international markets.

“We supply M&S and Waitrose and have also supplied Tesco so we are aware of the hurdles needed to meet international standards with larger distributors. Nick has referred people to us who are also trying to develop international products so we have been able to give other smaller businesses advice.

“A lot of these businesses want to supply the Far East and this is where Jersey Business can use us as a role model for small food and drink businesses in Jersey who are looking at exporting their products.”

In Jersey, any Jersey Dairy product you buy will have travelled less than 15 miles from farm to supermarket, but international target markets are thousands of miles away with customers who may be new to dairy, but who appreciate quality food, and who are prepared to pay a premium for it.

Compared with flat demand at home, the growth potential for Jersey food brands worldwide can be exciting. 10 years ago China had limited dairy imports; today over 80 international milk brands are on sale.

Whether it’s using the same distributors, joining forces to showcase produce at international exhibitions, or sharing expertise about best practice, by working together with Jersey Business, Jersey Dairy has plenty to offer other island food businesses starting out on their global journey.

Alexia McClure, Head of Operations at Jersey Business, added: “As well as supporting Jersey Diary itself, Jersey Business acts as an intermediary between the Dairy and other island businesses. By helping to bring together companies who can benefit from Jersey Dairy’s expertise in exporting island produce we hope to encourage collaboration and make the possibility of exporting easier for others.”

Testimonial: Bob Jones, Head of Marketing and Export at Jersey Dairy

“Jersey Business was good at helping with the risk analysis. They don’t know the industry but were coming at it from the perspective of business consultants, offering a mechanical view of business practice. That process of risk analysis was important to the foundation of our plans.

“Some smaller businesses are referred to us due to our experience in finance, production, logistics and marketing. We don’t need the same sort of assistance smaller companies might receive from Jersey Business, but can help other food and drink producers looking to export to the Far East.

Dairy farming “Jersey Dairy is a large scale business on the island: we have 65 employees at Trinity and 150 people on dairy farms. We are able to be a role model for new food businesses on the island and through Jersey Business we have been able to show what we are doing.”

Jersey Dairy, La Route de la Trinite, Trinity, Jersey JE3 5JP

Tel: +44 (0) 1534 818500

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