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Becky Hill started HR Now 14 years ago. Since then, she has built the business into a one-stop shop for all things HR and people management related. The business supports clients of all shape and size, from one-person start-ups to large international corporations. 

Becky has always been proactive with ensuring the business is keeping up with client needs and industry changes. She’s also been keen to ensure their own business strategy and processes are constantly being updated. After hearing good recommendations, Becky applied for both the Leading Growth and Business Improvement programmes with Jersey Business. 

“The Jersey Business Leading Growth Programme in partnership with Royston Guest, was definitely motivating. The programme inspires and challenges you,” said Becky.  

“After running a business successfully for over a decade like I had, you think you know what drives success. But this programme taught me how to improve my business: by taking a step away from day-to-day work. As Royston advocates, have some balcony time where you view it from a higher perspective.  

“There was so much to take in, but you can focus on those areas that resonate most with your own business. I’d recommend the programme to any SME owner/manager. It will inspire you to see success as being something you can create.” 

Moving to the Business Improvement Programme 

Becky wanted to take her business to the next level. To do so, she and Jenny Langan, HR Now’s Administration Officer, signed up for our Business Improvement Programme. 

The Business Improvement Programme is designed to support businesses and organisations across all sectors to deliver sustainable efficiency. It consists of four workshops, but also sees the programme partner, Brian Butler of Accelerate, deep diving each participant’s business.  

Becky says, “I was a little sceptical that this could help us at all. I thought it would be for more process or production driven environments. But even within our people and service dominated business, we have been able to find efficiencies.”  

“The best part was the one-on-one sessions with Brian because these were focused on our unique needs. Afterwards, we worked with a member of the Jersey Business team to fine tune our business management tools. 

“One of the first things we identified was an inconsistent SharePoint filing system that wasted time and resulted in errors. 

“It’s so easy to keep muddling along with a system you have had in place for some time. But there’s likely to be a far better way to do things which can make your business more efficient and productive. That is the essence of what the Business Improvement Programme aims to achieve, and it’s done that for us. 

“After having taken both Jersey Business programmes, I can wholeheartedly recommend them to other business owners. The key is to find elements in each course that resonate with your business, focus on them, and keep doing them.  

It’s all about continuous improvement 

“This isn’t a case of do the course and you’re done. Jersey Business has created other events for business leaders to continue to grow.  

Take the Productivity Circle as an example. It’s a fantastic regular event where we share best practice and learnings and can network between businesses and industries. Tools and situations, clients and attitudes change all the time. So, as business owners, we need to be constantly adapting and maximising those opportunities.  

“I’m grateful to Jersey Business. If I ask for support, they give it. Equally if they ask for my ideas and support, I give back too. It feels like a relationship, not just a transaction.  

“The programmes have been excellent, and they are certainly helping businesses like ours to deliver success.” 

For further information on how Jersey Business can support you and your business please contact us today.  

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