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Healthhaus was born out of a vision to provide a more personalised health and fitness offering in a comfortable non-intimidating environment.

Healthhaus is a boutique styled private members health club for the discerning health conscious individual. The thinking was simple; with the pace and pressures of modern living, there was a need to provide an effective and time efficient fitness solution leaving the opportunity to indulge in a 360˚ approach to wellness.

Healthhaus developed a unique concept at odds to the conventional fitness club model knocking the “traditional gym paradigm” on its head. Healthhaus, a trademarked brand, was developed following a two year market research phase involving the need to secure funding in excess of 1.3 million, a one year project management phase and subsequent three month pre-sale period.

The project team personally designed the club from top to bottom with the new-to-exercise, and deconditioned market as its core market. This required influence and persuasion to develop a team and gain essential “buy in” on the potential of the brand.

Describe your model for success

Healthhaus has shown that with the right market research, attention to detail and creativity that unique product and services can still be developed in what is a mature market.

A well-balanced team of founders was essential in providing the necessary leadership, trust and vision.

Healthhaus demonstrated rapid growth during pre-sale and steady growth to the current date. Launch targets have been exceeded.

The objective has been to position the brand as the “Louis Vuitton” of health & fitness services in Jersey, differentiating from the competition by offering total 360˚ fitness and wellness under one brand.

Establishing the brand as a ‘private members club’ with a ‘concierge’ level of service has resonated with the target market, creating a brand offering the customer a private, non-intimidating, ‘non gym’ experience.

The use of high-end technology has been central to the success in quickly establishing the operating model. Healthhaus uses the world-renowned Milon equipment – the only club in Jersey to have this – creating a strong USP.

What would you say is the most important focus of your business?

The project team wanted to introduce a health club to surpass all expectations and delivering a service beyond anything the Island has seen or currently offers.

The brand is built on three important promises: a ‘concierge mentality’ that delivers personal service; a non-intimidating concept that turns the ordinary ‘gym’ paradigm on its head, and the promise of technology to deliver state of the art fitness solutions.

Healthhaus has changed how people perceive the traditional “gym” environment. The brand resonates with a target audience who would often choose not to exercise. Healthhaus has proved that if the proposition is compelling, customers WILL pay, despite being on average £50 per month more expensive than other clubs in Jersey.

Value is key to this: Healthhaus provides all members with a wellness mentor, complimentary health screening, complimentary nutrition course, lifestyle talks, on-going clinics and support. Healthhaus is more about having a whole lot of resources available to help people help themselves.

How have you built and developed your team?

To provide a concierge mentality of service it is imperative that Healthhaus attracts the very best people to reinforce the culture and values associated with the brand. The selection process ensures that only personnel with the most sought after qualifications, experience and people skills are chosen. Their passion, professionalism and commitment are integral in delivering the brand to the target market. Most importantly, all staff have to physically portray the “non intimidation” value and demonstrate a commitment to taking the clients’ fitness personally.

On-going support in the form of marketing, training and client management software solutions ensures that all staff from reception to the gym floor continue to develop their product knowledge. All staff are given free membership to Healthhaus and to the Ayush Spa.

The Healthhaus approach to people development is consultative and based on giving staff an appropriate level of autonomy and responsibility fully supported by on-going staff development so that they will be inspired to reinvent company values every day and remain loyal to the brand.

Members are invited to nominate high performing staff and they benefit through incentive schemes. A fixed budget is allocated where staff, when selected, can access trips, courses and other activities, which benefit them professionally and in their delivery of the brand.

What is your vision for the future?

As of mid-February 2015 Healthhaus capped its membership at 1272 members with a waiting list (96 members as of 10/3/15) some 10 months earlier than forecasted.

Healthhaus has healthy secondary spend income with ability for expansion and is currently securing its second site; [email protected] has been launched to expand on the brand and Healthhaus Corporate will be rolled out later in the year. Healthhaus are also looking at the Middle East as key to expansion.

There are plans to produce [email protected] as a white label product and sell onto UK health clubs and generate income from affiliate marketing and an online shop.

How has Jersey’s business environment supported your success?

There is a willing market in Jersey to have an open mind to new ideas, and an appreciation of quality and value for money. This environment has been key to the initial success of the Healthhaus concept, which is aimed primarily at the professional and financial services sector employees.

The environment also exists where the standard of supplier quality is very high and this has been very important in enabling the company to source the right level of products and services locally to meet our brand value and proposition.

Glenda’s business lesson

Customer involvement is crucial as they can give you all the answers you’re looking for. Listen to your customers both positive and negative and involve them at every step of the process. It may be cliché but find out what they need and want and endeavour to continually improve on the customer experience.

Employee involvement is crucial as it maintains the passion and motivation to keep momentum. If staff members are involved in the decision making process, they then collectively own the vision and ultimately performance improves.

Invest in your staff and customers, it pays off!!!!

Healthhaus, Hotel de France, St Saviour’s Road, St Helier, Jersey, JE1 7XP

[email protected]


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