BabyHub gets hands-on help from Jersey Business

Studying night and day for a Degree in Innovation eventually led Catherine Curtis to develop a product that was needed all around the world, a truly portable safe space for babies. BabyHub was born.

Many evolutions later the product concept was patented and Catherine had secured an initial investor who believe in her, the product and its worldwide potential. Developing and validating the design was the next step which meant bringing in specialist product designers whilst at the same time undertaking thorough research into the potential market.

In 2013 BabyHub was a semi-finalist in the Baby Products Association Awards and this, along with very positive feedback from the high street retailers, convinced Catherine she had a ‘product with legs’. The time had come to develop the brand, find a manufacturer and the funds for manufacturing.

Working with advisors Dan Ireland and Nick Steel, Catherine developed a comprehensive business plan that set out the product, market evaluation, sales channels, manufacturing and distribution strategy. They also considered the skills and resources required to set up and operation to run BabyHub from Jersey. Along with the business plan, the team developed comprehensive financial forecasts which identified different funding options and the key performance indicators by which progress was to be measured.

Additional practical help was provided by Jersey Business when Dan accompanied Catherine to her first trade exhibition. This hands-on guidance helped develop the product sales pitch and process and has been the foundation for BabyHub to secure distributors.

In July 2014 BabyHub became the first company to receive a grant from the Jersey Innovation Fund. Since then and with continuing support from Jersey Business she’s been working with her manufacturing partner to further refine and develop the product. She has also been working with local partners to develop all elements of the brand design and online presence including their website

Catherine hopes that the products will be available in stores and online in Summer 2015.

BabyHub Website: Click Here

BabyHub FaceBook Page: Click Here

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