Thoughts from Microsoft on Infobesity


7 Observations on ‘Infobesity’ from Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft.

Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft, attracted a 100 strong crowd of business leaders and politicians to his seminar ‘Infobesity’ organised by local technology innovators Prosperity 24.7 on 8th September 2014.

Dave’s words of wisdom from the seminar:

  • “We live in a world of too much information and it is growing every single day. We have more power in our pockets now then we do on our desks at work. The average UK worker will check their emails 71 times a day!”
  • “Technology is wonderful at connecting people who are geographically dispersed but it is also disconnecting people – how often do you email the person sitting right next to you?”
  • “We are just the first generation of a digital society. We’ve developed a number of coping mechanisms but they’re not all working; Skimming, Snacking, Filters and Multitasking can be majorly counter-productive. We are creating a world that lacks context, meaning that the wrong decisions are being made in business.”
  • “Open plan offices are not the solution – the human brain needs peace and quiet and different spaces are conducive to different work. Employers should make it possible for their people to work from different locations. We need to allow individuals time to focus on what they need to do and get rid of the distractions. We’re loosing the ability to think deeply and this is detrimental.”
  • “Multitasking is not a human trait, it’s a computer science concept that we’ve just adopted. When we multitask we’re on average a third less efficient. The crucial skill of the 20th Century worker is to know where the technology can help and where it can’t.”
  • “We’ve misunderstood what data means to us. The reality is data is the new ‘oil’ – it fuels everything we do. People need to make the most of their data by identifying multiple uses for the same information. When you start looking at data like this you can start transforming your business.”
  • “Employers need to think as holistically about their people as they do their customers. People need to be empowered by employers to be transformational. Unleash your workforce by thinking differently about your people. Learning to change to suit the environment is key.”
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