Think Outside of the Box – Diversity

24/09/2014 — Patricia Rowan, Director, JACS

Think Outside of the Box – Diversity By Patricia Rowan, Director, JACS Delivered at the IOD Lunch on 16th September 2014

  • Diversity is about inclusion and celebrating differences rather than seeing ‘different’ as a barrier.
  • Recruitment- think ahead and prepare – companies need to have good clear and objective job descriptions and person specifications based on the actual requirements of the job.
  • Older people are sometimes overlooked but if someone has the skills required and fit your role profile, age should not be a barrier, in fact this employee may well be more than happy to stay with an employer for say 10 years, whereas the 30 year old may well be looking for the next step on the ladder after 3 years.
  • Recognize the value of having a diverse workforce as failure to do so may mean the business loses out their competitors.After all if a client does not recognize themselves in a business they will soon seek an alternative provider who does.
  • Competitive edge is to those businesses that can not only understand the requirements and needs of their clients, but who can also interact with them and therefore extend their client base even further.
  • Put in place a diversity strategy (equal opportunities policy) and regularly monitor diversity across the business.
  • Ensure you have the right person in the job – regardless of their gender, colour, ethnicity, disability, culture, schooling, socio-economic backgrounds – can help in maximizing business potential.

Patricia Rowan, Director, JACS

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