Stop loafing and start living!

16/12/2015 — June Stead

Why wait for January 1st to start something important, interesting or new?

Why wait for January 1st to start something important, interesting or new? We are all mad busy at this time of year but I think there is nothing that will help you de-stress quicker than picking up a new hobby or learning a new skill. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be time consuming, just something you enjoy or that might make your life that little bit better. It’s so easy to find excuses not to do something for yourself – the kids need your attention, no time, too tired, not in shape, the list goes on. Stop loafing and start living! You never know where it might lead. To inspire you on your way check out my tried and tested list below.

1. Enrol in an online course

I really enjoy online learning. It suits my temperament perfectly. It’s visual, I can pick it up at any time I choose, I can press the pause and rewind button as many times as I like when something doesn’t quite click (which is quite often!) the courses usually come with lifetime access and best of all I’m being taught by industry experts who you can ping an email for support and advice and most of this often comes for less than £25!

Craftsy– Here’s where I’ve delved into the world of Haute Couture sewing and pattern drafting having convinced myself that I was rubbish at sewing. Turns out I’m not rubbish at all!

Udemy – Thousands of courses to choose from on this learning platform in every area you can think of from coding to cake making. Be warned it’s addictive!

2. Write a book

Leanpub – You can publish (and sell) your novel online here even if you’ve only just started it! And it’s free. There are Jersey authors who have published works on here already.

3. Declutter your home

I did this recently and it felt amazing

4. Learn to budget

Taking control of your spending is empowering and most of us don’t do this very well

5. Learn a new sport

I taught myself to work a skipping rope with online tutorials and then qualified as a coach with the British Rope Skipping Association – and yes it is a sport and a tough one at that!

7. Learn to meditate

This one is on my to do list

8. Plan that new business

Just Do It!

Do email me to let me know if you decided to try any of the above and how you got on.

“The only limits are those which we create for ourselves”

Madame Pouziuex, Passementerie

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