St Helier Mystery Shopping Report October 2016


Over the past three years there have been four Mystery Shopping audits and the latest commissioned by Jersey Business was carried out over the last two weeks of October.  Here are the results of the St Helier Mystery Shopping Report October 2016

Key Findings

The average Customer Service score for the stores audited was 74%. This is down from 78% in October 2015 and compares with 68% from October 2013, 73% from October 2014, and 77% from May 2015. This score falls short of the 80% target set following the 2013 audit and has slipped below the UK average of 77.4%, measured in July 2016.

Apart from Shop First Impressions all of the other performance areas involve an element of staff interaction. This emphasises just how important retail staff are in the delivery of the overall customer service experience.

These results show a general ‘downward’ trend with six fewer stores scoring in the ‘Outstanding’ category and a corresponding number of stores placed in the ‘Fair’ category. One store was placed in the lowest ‘Poor’ performing category when there had been none in October 2015.

In May 2015 three stores scored 100% for the first time with two stores scoring top marks in October 2015. Again in this latest survey, two stores have scored a maximum of 100% reiterating that delivering outstanding customer service takes continuous effort and commitment.

‘Product Knowledge’ at 90% continues to be the highest scoring area just pipping ‘Member of Staff’ at 87% into second place. The poorest performing area continues to fall within Selling Skills and in particular ‘Additional Products’ where the opportunity to ‘up-sell’ is being missed; this time with a poor score of just 29%.

The average scores for cafés has fallen back to Oct 2013 levels of 75% brought down by staff missing opportunities to offer ‘Additional Food Purchases’. The average Café score is in line with the overall survey score.

The results of the Mystery Shopping Report allow the retail sector to:

  1. Measure the Town Centre ‘customer experience’
  2. Monitor changes in performance over time
  3. Identify areas of excellence
  4. Identify areas requiring improvement

You can read the full Mystery Shopping Report here.

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