Promessa Soil wins Innovation Award

04/07/2016 — Glyn Mitchell, MD, Promessa Soil

Winning The Insurance Corporation Conservation Award for Innovation 2016 Glyn Mitchell commented ‘Winning this Award gives us pride that our services are not only valued by progressive agriculturists, but also businesses who realise the importance of investing in our Islands environment to ensure Jersey remains a progressive leader in the essential sectors of healthy food production and healthy ecosystems.’

In 2015, International Year For the Soil, Glyn Mitchell and his team began cultivating essential beneficial soil microorganisms to help for amenity providers, farmers and gardeners to repopulate their soils. For too long, it was believed that soil biology was of academic interest only, or an exclusive domain of organic production alone and that plants could not grow without synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. Using Promessa’s proven RegenSoil® process of putting Life Back Into the Soil, today’s Jersey Royals are a result of combining the best of the old with the innovation of the new enabling Promessa Soil to provide growers with cost saving alternatives to unhealthy and expensive chemical farming practices.

Glyn said ‘Working with Jersey Buisness gives us the confidence that we are able to continue cultivating our future with amenity providers, farmers and gardeners interested in conserving Jersey’s environment, food and water security.’


Glyn Mitchell, MD, Promessa Soil

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