Productivity Conference 2023 – Post Conference Reflections

16/07/2023 — Christine Walwyn, Jersey Business

The Last few weeks have been particularly productive for Jersey Business. As such it was both a busy but also insightful time as a result of our first Productivity Conference offering up key takeaways such as “productivity is about energy levels and not time management”; and “challenge what you believe to be true, you don’t solve new problems with old thinking: you are limited by your belief system”.

However, perhaps most important learning for me personally was taking the time to reflect – and the realisation that the whole event, demonstrated the 6C’s of high-performing teams as explained by our keynote speaker Jamil Qureshi. The event would not have been possible without the whole of the Jersey Business team working seamlessly together.

Firstly, came the collaboration, a time when as a team we gathered and focussed on the outcomes of the conference, and how to achieve them. Within this discussion there was healthy challenge; we had several good debates over the pros and cons of different suggestions.

Next came the coaching, where we learnt from each other and previous events which informed our planning and preparations. We adopted a broad range of new suggestions and changed preparations to be more effective.

Finally, the big day itself. We all understood the desired outcomes and in fact, were excited for the event! Cooperation was at the forefront, we all wanted the event to be the success it was and were willing to undertake whatever was necessary to achieve this. Cognition was high, throughout the day, the whole team were tactically aware, knew where each other were, how each of our parts fitted together to make the whole. Communication was open, clear, and focussed throughout the day. All of which cumulated in a fantastic team delivering a quality and memorable event.

For me, learning is only as good as the actions taken as a result: that 1 degree of change that can make the big difference in the long-run; the conscious action to embed the learning.

My 1 degree of change is to embed the triangle of performance into all future projects: a clearly communicated Why, What, and Want. Why are we doing this? What are we doing and what do we Want to achieve?

We heard from many of those joining us on the day that were motivated to take action, some of which we will continue to share with you over the next few weeks. Please join me in sharing your key takeaways or actions to improve productivity in your organisation

I was energised by the motivation expressed by those who joined us. Let’s continue this momentum by contacting us here at Jersey Business to support you with your key takeaways or actions to improve productivity in your organisation. Together, let’s make a positive impact and drive success through enhanced productivity.

Christine Walwyn, Jersey Business

Christine Walwyn, Jersey Business

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