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When the world is at your feet

15/05/2019 - Why limit your ambition when the world is there at your feet? Looking at how the Island's service sector is spearheading global expansion.

Do you do good business?

17/04/2019 - Businesses exist to deliver its product or service to provide a financial return to its owners but is your organisation ethical and does ‘good’ business for all?

What skills do we need for future careers?

23/01/2019 - When you start predicting what might happen in the future, one thing is certain you will get it wrong sometimes, mostly or all the time! So why then is it important then to try and…

Cafe Society blog image

The growth of Café society in Jersey

17/12/2018 - Businesses who are part of Jersey's cafe society are pushing forward and helping to drive up standards by increasing the experience for their customers.  A good lesson for us all.…

Figures Networking

Are you lucky or chatty?

14/12/2018 - Think about your recent chats & how you can build on them in the new year - you might give before you take but if you've developed a new relationship that can add value to your wor…