Nick Ogden, founder of ClearBank, to address Enterprise Week


Having just launched ClearBank, the UK’s first purpose-built clearing bank in more than 200 years, Nick Ogden will address Jersey’s business leaders at Enterprise Week’s Keynote event on Tuesday 16th May.

Mr Ogden, who is credited for his part in the creation of e-commerce, started his entrepreneurial journey in Jersey by building the first ever online shop Wine Warehouse. This demonstration of e-commerce capability helped him launch the successful shopping portal Barclays Square and then led to the development of WorldPay, one of the largest payment services companies in the world.

Following his success with WorldPay and his subsequent venture, VoicePay, a technology that enables mobile payments through biometrics and voice recognition, Nick was awarded UK Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010 and the following year won the Cambridge Innovation Award.

Drawing on his unique experiences at the cutting edge of technology development, Nick will share his insights into how technology is changing the way we work and play. From innovating in financial services to empowering consumer behaviour Nick will discuss how technology is becoming as disruptive as any global political or economic shock.

Chief Executive Graeme Smith said, “The Keynote Event in Enterprise Week is the one opportunity in Jersey’s business calendar when business leaders can take a few hours out of their organisations to think about their future. Political, economic and technology change is now so rapid and constant that it is imperative that Jersey keeps up and we are delighted that Nick can share his thoughts and experience with us. To be able to hear from a speaker who is driving the development of technology that is changing all our lives is a fantastic opportunity for the business community in Jersey.’

Tony Moretta, Chief Executive, Digital Jersey said, “With our focus on developing fintech opportunities in Jersey, this is a unique chance to hear one of the leading innovators in this

industry talk about what the future holds for digital companies and for us as consumers. We are delighted to be working with Jersey Business during Enterprise Week and encourage every digital business to get involved in this opening keynote event and in the other events being held during the week.”

With eight events between 16th and 19th May, the Keynote Event ‘The Future of Enterprise in Jersey’ on Tuesday 16th May will be the opportunity for Jersey’s business leaders and owners to discuss how to navigate the turmoil in global politics, the subsequent impact on the economic environment and the repercussions for Jersey.

The full programme can be found on

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