Jersey Business client BabyHUB receives first Jersey Innovation Fund investment

25/07/2014 — Catherine Curtis, Managing DIrector, Baby Hub

Following 12 months of business support and advice from Jersey Business, a local business behind the BabyHUB brand has secured investment from the Jersey Innovation Fund – the first business to receive investment funds.

The BabyHUB brand is developing two core products: The BabyHUB SleepSpace and the BabyHUB Bedside Crib. Both are the brainchild of award-winning local inventor Catherine Curtis. The BabyHUB SleepSpace concept is a truly original portable multi-use travel cot/playpen and is a fully patented structure. It is the only travel cot on the market that can be easily carried, erected and folded with one hand, easily allowing a parent/carer to carry a baby in the other arm at the same time. This is a major benefit, recognised by any parent who has had to find somewhere safe to put their infant whilst struggling to dismantle, fold or move a conventional travel cot / playpen. Input from Mothercare and the Baby Products Association (BPA) has resulted in amendments to the prototype.

Commenting on their support, Nick Steel of Jersey Business said: “Jersey Business has worked closely with Catherine and her Babyhub brand over the past 12 months to help make her exciting vision a reality. Our priority was in the co-creation of a robust business plan: articulating the unique selling points of her pioneering baby products; producing viable financial forecasts; looking at the logistics of the business and defining the brand and marketing strategy.”

“A key milestone in this development was attending the Harrogate International Nursery Fair with Catherine, setting up meetings with international companies to discuss supply and export. Jersey Business will continue to work with Catherine as the Babyhub brand journey continues into product production, distribution and onto international sales. We are absolutely delighted to have played a part in helping Catherine’s business to secure the first investment from the Jersey Innovation Fund.”

Securing investment from the Jersey Innovation Fund means Catherine can take the next step on her product development and exporting journey. Jersey Business will continue to work with Catherine in the coming months as her products go into production and begin exporting to national and international markets.

“The support I have received from Jersey Business has been absolutely key in the development of my business over the past 12 months. The team has provided invaluable, realistic and wise counsel in the critical planning phase of my journey so far and they continue to be trusted business advisors as I take the Babyhub brand to market. I can’t recommend their support highly enough to anyone considering starting a business, or for an existing company that needs a shot in the arm to grow or improve.”

Catherine Curtis, Managing DIrector, Baby Hub

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