How did we help? Did you know? Using imagery or video in Facebook Campaigns

18/08/2016 — Rosie Lemprière

If you’re a service provider getting people to understand what you do and how you do it can be tricky and challenging. There is a perception that we at Jersey Business only help start-up businesses which is not the case, we also work with established businesses. In order to highlight what we do to the business community in Jersey, we decided to run a Facebook campaign showcasing the successful businesses we have worked with be they established or fledgling organisations.  The question was whether to use imagery or video in the Facebook campaigns?

The ‘How did we help?’ campaign used client images with testimonials and a link to their stories & interaction with Jersey Business to explain the variety of services we provide.

We talked about our client’s journeys and how we supported them in order for them to reach their goals.

We also ran a campaign to highlight what services we offer to the local business community.  We filmed a number of videos ‘starring’ our staff using the title ‘Did you know…?’ each staff member gave a quick outline of a particular service we offer.  It was a fun way for all of the team to get involved in spreading the word about Jersey Business.

Check out our Facebook page and see what you think or look at a selection of the videos here!

Alexia McClure, Head of Operations

Jayne Low, Front Desk Administrator

Chris Settle, Senior Business Advisor

Daniela Perotte, Systems Manager

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